Pedo on reddit sweating over losing his money

>30,000 USD
>hurr durr why should I verify, I want to remain anonymous with this vast sum of money !!!

Stupid thread. He probably is a pedo.

isnt that picture from a trap doujin?

>using a free vpn
>using a throw away email
>dumping 30k usd of monero and buying eth
>freaking the fuck out and melting down all over reddit because he's being asked to prove who he is
>crying out about muh privacy without realising legally they have to ask these questions
When will pedos learn?

serves him right. Disgusting pedophile

Where does it say he's a pedophile? All I see is the possibility that he laundered money.

tax niggers are trying to psyop user coins

he probably bought some with his privacy coin through dark web

I am not sure what he is trying to get with his useless cry. Law is law

the fact that he is complaining this hard about some random 3rd party service/company that is legally bound to ask for ID just makes it so obvious that he probably go the coins illegally somehow

It doesn't at all I'm just meming.
He's likely:
selling illegal porn
other illegal things
why else would he be so nervous about dumping these coins?

especially since he is arguing that the red flags that are raised are non consquentrial

Like why do you need to be 100% anonymous to dump monero?

also this dude thinks a HUGE exchange like bitfinex is going to try and steal THIRTY THOUSAND, meanwhile they got hacked 72 million 2 years ago and still made enough money to pay it back

top fuggin kek

who is that semen demon

Succubus (male)

This is 100% guaranteed to be dirty money. Every reply seems to be people just telling him to verify, and to each one he spergs out and says it's not his obligation to verify.

he also thinks his ID is a big amount of personal information


Yeah, if he hadn't thrown a bitch fit he probably could've gotten that money out relatively easy. Now he's fucked and getting reported for sure.

what a dummy

>probably a teenager
that amount sounds similar to scammer that posted not to long ago on Veeky Forums boasting his 30+ ether scam


clearly he doesnt believe in privacy coins (which are untraceable) otherwise he'd verify as theres no way of him getting caught.
But yeah, hes probably selling CP on the darkweb...I mean, thats the main usecase behind crypto. And, all the people who are now millionaires because of crypto were most likely pedo's buying/selling CP on the darkweb.

>we are a serious trading platform, not a wallet and will charge you fees if you are not trading and paying us

And people use this turd?

Bitinfix is shit but if these guy wants to break the law he’s done it so wrong, why freak out so bad in a public forum?

The funniest thing is that he says he's involving lawyers and shit. where in process he will have to give up his identity to someone at some point

Didn't they take a third of everyone's holdings not scammed to pay it back to those scammed?

If I was cute like Selim I woud make so much money selling myself to degenerate anons.

I don't understand
If you have 30K trapped, wouldn't it be worth it to spend 1K for some quality fake id and continue using your account with confidence?