Withdraw 1m to bank

it is not possible, I am not even joking
I tried the banks in my country and banks in Swiss
my accountant spoke to a fucking bank owner in Swiss and he told him it is literally impossible

the bank in my country asks me for documentation that my money is legit, I provided it all showing I'm an early investor and they still won't accept it

there is literally nothing to do with it, it is fake money I swear to God

Lol ofc u cant do 1m in a single transaction muppet.

you can do it in Croatia
>0 taxes if you "invested" it on a period longer than 2 years

why the fuck not its my fucking money and I earned it fairly
this is fucking bullshit its a complete scam

true. no one has ever cashed out its just a meme

Because its risky for the bank. Not because they want to fuck you. The government will give the bank a headache over it so they dont go down that route.
Do smaller transaction and u are fine. 100k at a time.


Go to college and get a job. It worked for me.
Millenials will never learn.

Which bank?
Try vontobel, worked for me.

I just buy stuff with bitpay to cash out. Got a sick new pc build on newegg and an oz of gold so far

Yeah it's all just fake money, why don't you just send your fake btc to me and move on with your life

>this is fucking bullshit its a complete scam

no shit dude
why do you think we got into cryptos in the first place

Convert to btc/ltc and spend without cashing out. /thread/

But in the blockchain they'll see how much you hold, just remember

10k a day, 10 bank accounts, 100k on each.

Use a smaller amount you psychotic toddler. And no, you did not "earn" it. Get real.

>hello mr. bank i'd like to wire $1,000,000 to my account
>"where'd you get it"
>selling WoW gold


>banks suck
>create system to replace banks
for fuck's sake
crypto's biggest flaw is the distribution, most "early" investors don't deserve to get rich

Odakle si?
I mislim da si i dalje duzan porez na dobit od 12% + prirez

What a larp. If you don't cash out, governments won't get a cut.

>spoke to a bank owner in Swiss
>the language Swiss

This, the cant cash out meme is too real
Anyway there is one. Falcon Private Bank in Switzerland, minimum deposit 500k CHF

How much is the minimum? Is it open for non-swiss residents?