He didnt invest in CPChain

He missed another antshares. DYOR please

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pajeet scam coin avoid

Chill on the spam I already bought. At least greentext its redeeming qualities

Haha. Literally a rando fucking chinacoin with the smallest team, a bs partnership with a car company no one buys from or has ever heard of, and shilled hard on biz. It's linky/fun time all over again.

Shanghai automotive. Alright buddy.

>team consists of 3 random chinks
>fake partnerships
>4th "next chinese IOTA" this year

It's like you idiots never learn

Tell that to Vechain

so vechain, qtum and metaverse are all scammers :D and supporting this scam. alright mate

Yeah I see heaps of shanghai automotive cars around on the streets. What's that car that all the meme guys want to buy? It's a shanghai automotive sports car right? Lam sometihng? Lambo? Shanghai automotive make it, right?
And what do they even need a coin/token for, will you put the token into your Shanghai Automotive Sedan?

You're either a troll or don't belong in this space. Bye

So how many cents do they pay you, Pajeet?

I think it's the worst site I have ever seen in crypto. Seem like a complete pajeet scam.

Maybe we should make a "chinese trtl" to succeed?

holy shit, you made laugh :D:D, this was so good. Anyway, this low-effort FUD always gets me.

Qtum, vechain, metaverse, hpb cpchain.io/news.html

There’ll be Masternode

Founders are both PhD. Dr. Long is Professor at one of the most prestigious technical university in China with more than 50 publications in IoT (proof : dblp.uni-trier.de/pers/hd/l/Long:Chengnian). Dr Bin owns 3 patents in IoT (proof : t.me/CPChain/24497

Actual Circulating supply is 110M. After the remaining 30% to be distributed tomorrow, it’ll be 157M (proof : ethplorer.io/address/0xfae4ee59cdd86e3be9e8b90b53aa866327d7c090#tab=tab-holders + t.me/CPChain/41936

point_right: New exchange very soon (proof : t.me/CPChain/10082

> He likes the low-effort FUD. Dump it.

Delete this, they don't deserve to be spoonfed

CP chain...

Isn't total supply 1 billion? That's what CMC says.

most supply is locked for very long time... circulating is around 150-200 M, not sure now, the distribution ends tonight.

The Admin in TG confirmed Circ Supply 105mln

What the hell is going on with this coin? Even if it were a shit coin getting hyped for a dump, the shilling has been too early. It's not even on a real exchange yet. Why shillers? Why are we hearing about this since 30-40M market cap?

What's the angel here? Hard to believe you fuckers just want to make me rich.

die poor

>After the remaining 30% to be distributed tomorrow
Wait, so tomorrow it will dump? Why should I buy now?


I'm already in this coin, truth be told. The partnerships are a green light for me. I just don't understand why biz is shilling it so hard. Usually, I have one rule that I follow here, and that's to avoid the coins that get pushed by multiple threads at the same time. Why are you talking about it OP?

I already have some. Not selling until 100x