Why does BTC not recover properly anymore?

Why does BTC not recover properly anymore?

It's in the green for like 300 bucks and then it's back down a grand.

bear market...wait few weeks more..

Still haven't sold anything. I refuse to sell.

money going out of buttcoins and into the new shitcoin tech

because this bubble will end the same like any previous crypto bubble


A year ago BTC was worth 1k
What makes you think it should be worth 10, 15, 20+ ?


A year ago EOS was worth $1. Now it's 10 bucks.
What makes you think.. blablablab

Same goes for all coins.

Becasue it's crashing. The reason it's happening slowly is because whales want their money's worth. BTC is down 58% since december 17, and the only reason you think it's going to recover is because you're so stupid you actually think a 12 hour bounce matters.

Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums tells you.

Today I'm an idiot for not selling. A year from now you would call me an idiot if I had sold.
It's always like this. You guys are fucking assholes with your schitzophrenic opinions.

Oh, so it's going to zero for real this time?

Isn't this like the millionth time it's supposed to die for good?

Of course it's not going to zero, that's not what happens during a crash. Did the internet vanish when the dot com bubble popped?

But if you're a HODLer in the red already, you're looking at a decade of waiting for it to recover.

Bitcoin is like Myspace
And the next Facebook is on its way

I'm actually up 30% my initial investment but I'd like to keep it that way. Last year I was up 300% which has made me kinda regret hodling this long.

'Cause noone is buying

Bull trap

doesn't just mean tranny-on-top porn

>it's a healthy correction
>this is good for bitcoin
>$20k EOY
>you should buy some more

The Bitcoin is only useful for buying better coins

And what's wrong with that?

It’s still overvalued

Now the million dollar question

What is its real worth

Two-year bear market first

You can shift into minerless coins to wait it out

I'm thinking of a VERY round number

The value of an expensive, slow settlement network is zero.

I believe in the Bitcoin deathspiral.

Oh shit, I can't think of worse choice than iota


because its a meme coin now, it holds no value at all by now.
I really wonder what you retards do on a biz forum.
Just pray that mummy doesn't take the rest of the market with it.

ETH is the new bitcoin

becuase whales are exiting

> be whale
> can't cash out all at one as would crash market
> cash out a little
> wait for the recovery
> rise and repeat

Funny how two months ago you thought BTC would hit 50k.

Your opinion of BTC is as volatile as BTC itself.

It feels like it's bouncing between sensible numbers, I don't know.

more like, why wasn't I endowed with enough patience to trade the range that I knew would form after the drop

You fucking imbecile, you should sell now and buy back at 1k

that kind of puts a harsh light on the idea of girls on top at all
>literally takes estrogen pills

Because this isn't the recovery this is just part of the healthy correction purging all the panic sellers so when people want to buy again it'll start going up.

This should happen in about a week or two.

implying the dirty chinks and corporations will let it fall below $7000

>You guys are fucking assholes with your schitzophrenic opinions.
You do realise Anonymous is not a single person?

It's dying and will continue to die more and faster.


LMAO. It makes me LOL so much when I see retards making threads about recovery/end of the dip/correction when BTC jumps a few hundred $. It's like you guys don't understand anything and just hope to get rich by blind faith. It's fucking over... for bitcoin at least. There is no way Core will fix all of it's issues and LN will be death to decentralization. Good job to anyone making it last year.

except this time the public is more educated on bitcoin and its prehistoric use case, keep holding all the way to 100 if thats what makes you feel better

because it is a shitcoin and is hopefully finally dying and letting good cryptos take over

problem is that ETH is losing to BTC

BTC is crashing this market with no survivors

>down to 0.1
not yet

repeat of 2013-2014-2015
welcome to crypto newfag

IMO the problem is not BTC but the alt market. With such a drop, you would expect people to leave their shitty alt projects and pour into major cryptos, but it has not happened. Doge is still valued at half a billion or MANA, fuckin mincraft on a blockchain, is worth $100mn ...

Last year you thought it was a given that BTC would hit millions and we were just pioneers in a digital gold rush.

Now you think it's a given that BTC is worthless.

Your opinion of BTC is more volatile than the coin itself. At least the technology is always the same, your feelings about it aren't.

i rather have a slow network and pay 50$ to chinks than using your centralized shitcoin that doesent work

Be honest, just this once, Veeky Forums.

If I sell all my BTC now, do you PROMISE not to go
>"haha you actually believed us, we all hodled and you fell for the sell meme, BTC is indistructible"

Look who it is again, Anonymous. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "Anonymous" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.

the bull run begins Q2


biz isn't schizophrenic, those are bulls and bears whispering into your ear to play into their hands
disregard and make your own decisions
money can be made in both bull and bear markets

>Why does BTC not recover properly anymore?
Whales are exiting so they can protect themselves against the upcoming recession

crypto is ded

>market manipulation (whales sell when btc is starting to recover from dip to cause mass hysteria)
>market manipulation in news (tether "scandal")
>normie confidence down after 70% crash

>what is lightning

>i rather have a slow network and pay 50$ to chinks than using your centralized shitcoin that doesent work

There is your opportunity to pajeet big time.

It's slowly working on it though. ETH had a hard time holding .045 for months.

Because the tether printer is jammed this time

Why would anyone use bcash to send a transaction when they can use another shitcoin

Are you suggesting that altcoins are a substitute for bitcoin? How preposterous