I was severely depressed since 2011

I was severely depressed since 2011

These past months was probably the best I felt for a very long time

should I kill myself?

>tfw nothing going on in my life except crypto

If crypto dies im unironically killign myself.

The answer to this question is almost always no. And why the fuck would you post this if you feel good now?

I dont fag thats the issue

Thi is literally my last shot at life

But the thing is, I know I won't even be happy when I'm a millionaire. I'm never gonna buy or wear expensive clothes and accessories, and the thought of using my money to get women to like me is repulsive. I literally have no idea what I'd use the money for if I were to ever make it, I barely manage to spend half of minimum wage per month as it is.

get medication
I don't mean some pussy antidepressant
get tranylcypromine or some other mao inhibitor
and if that isn't enough which is unlikely combine with a low dosage of stimulant
My life is shit and nothing has changed but it doesn't feel like shit anymore

I have around 20k in crypto rn in a good coin I did an extensive resarch on And I somewhat believe in it but I also have severe doubts that all this blockmeme technology is useful

Eth is a fucking ponzi, btc is good tho overinflated and probably gonna drop to 300 dollars eventually

Monero is good for pedos

Everything else are useless speculative soluions that in reality doesnt solve anything but overcomplicate things like fucking siacoin or icon

I think my stack probably wont gain on value because its all memes anw

I severely fucked up my career choices and now I am here living with oldass parents that think I am a fucking joke and dont have no prospect on life unless I make enough to buy a flat and move out

I dont want to take meds I think I am schizoid with seldom psychosis and cant leav house

I wasnt out since christmas

w-wow are you guys alright ?

I dont think I am user

No, user. Just realize money will not make you happy.

I know user

I just need to do something with my life, I dont need the money

i don't want to sound like a fag, but I won't act like a edgy Veeky Forums virgin and tell you all to KYS either

if you're really considering commiting suicide, don't hesitate to call your local suicide hotline, or you can always seek help somewhere, it's not that hard to become a socially able person, and as for mental health, if you don't live in a third world country with no healthcare like america, you can always see a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you

fuck psychosis makes shit a lot more complicated
I am also slightly psychotic although I don't mind it to much but you have to be extra careful about any medication.

But seriously if your brain fucks up and isn't able to keep a normal balance of neurotransmitter its really hard to do something against it without medication

tfw you are literally me

are we going to make it user?

In one or two years probably not, in 10 years, probably yes.


you have no interests or goals?

I'm happy when I have nothing in my schedule and I can wake up every day doing exactly whatever the fuck I want

if btc goes to 300 all alts become worthless in fiat value, they would lose 20x 30x their value

I know faggot


You're on a roll - keep it up!

thanks for support guys

Never give up trust your instincts!

user, I...

you didn't have to do that user. We just want you to be happy, that's all.

don't do it user
life sucks but don't do it

No brother

We have yet to clink glasses on the white sand beach

We will all make it comrades

Bro get on medication immediately. I am on lexapro and it let me stop being so anxious and allowed me to actually make plans and improve myself. Also maybe watch Jordan Petersen YouTube about how to live your life. It took me some time to turn it around but you can do it and it will be a great achievement. It's not over, on the contrary you are just getting started once you get on the meds.