Should I buy ICX now (at 4.70)


I would yes fuck yes, could dip more but most definitely

>be me
>brainlet that bought for 8.50

is there any hope for me, Veeky Forums?

Bought at 7.80, long term holding these shitty bags I guess. fuck me

buy back in at $1.25 tomorrow. no stop loss.

Don't worry, I bought in from $2 all the way up to $10. And still holding some bags.
The lesson is that when there is hype and obvious sell-the-news events, we've got to be prepared for a major sell-off. Add to that the BTC correction, and it was just very bad timing.

how much did you guys buy?

50% in...

Keep in mind, at $2, it was 18x ICO price.
So at $10+, there are folks that made ~100x. Big sell offs are bound to happen each time it gets to those levels.

That's the price we pay for buying in late. I'm holding for the next few months.

same. learned my lesson tho, now I'm always selling the news, doesn't matter if it is freaking ICX

First thing I did in crypto.
It felt like a good learning opportunity at least, so I'm not too upset

Fuck those Veeky Forums shillers.. I bought in at 7.8

Also, something that I thought was a meme for months, but in the short-term and for swing-trades it rings true:
the tech and team does not matter.

Fucking XVG and TRX was a better swingtrade than ICX in December. Use those gains and buy low and hold promising long-term projects like ICX

Poorfag here, only 30. So at the very least i'm hoping it hits ATH again and gives me 150% return.

I'm getting tired of these pajeet shitcoins going 50% every day while ICX just sits at $5

How much hype was there, really?

VEN shot up for days before the DNV GL (or whatever its called) announcement, and its crash was anticipated.

ICX foundered/traded sideways in the week before the mainnet and summit. At least on the ETH pairing. I expected a possible dip, but nothing like this.

I went all in at 6600 sats. When the price started bouncing up and down before the summit I didn't want to sell hoping for a small pump. It was losing 200 sats every 10 minutes at that point I didn't want to sell at a loss hoping for slight uptrend to at least break even. It just crashed massively in the next 30 minutes duo to that and BTC. It hurts.

>mfw scooping up ICX at 50% discount

lmao you cucks better sell while you still can
ill happily take your bags from you
come on sell right now. just imagine how good it would feel to finally drop these heavy bags

I bought at $9.42 forgot to sell it
I didnt know you have to raise your BTC assets in daily trading

Exactly what happened to me too.

Lesson learned, never go all in.
>proceeds to go all in again in one week on something else

ETH did a 10-20% boost a couple of days before the summit, and then the ICX/ETH pair went from 0.0069 - 0.0086 in 12 - 18 hours or so. So it was a ~30% increase into 100x zone for ICO buyers, plus the bitcoin correction with the tether FUD, and then ETH holding strong.

So the ICX/ETH pair got rekt.

I'd say yeah.

I have 9,000 TRX I bought at .18 I want to trade for more ICX. I'm taking a hit but I'm pretty sure I don't have to pay tax on a trade if I'm trading at a loss.

It was shilled since $2, dumbfuck.

This, I got in under $2 at 7k sats

how much in sats

>7k sats

You should definitely buy.