You literally exist thanks to us

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F and thank you for your service.

t. Spaniard who acknowledges who’s the real leader of the world.

black and white people?
stay in your own shitty dimension

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fuck off murica rather had have hitler run the show here fucking europe is islam now ffs

Frenchfag here. The USA is lord of Earth, anyone who says otherwise is just jealous.





You mad? I'm blond blue eyed. I'd been fine. My grandparents said the germans were nice and civilized when we were under occupation.


press P for thicc pooing on thicclet grave

t. Some salty browncuck from some shithole

Say what you want about americans, but not accepting they are the most powerful nation of the world is straight cope

I love yuropoors

Jealous? You’re either eurotrash or a streetshitter. Probably both with how Europe is going.


>Chad is fucking my wife
>I have to accept that he is powerful and i must cope with this!
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>americans gloat themselves for "freeing europe"
>most french natives didnt give a shit about the nazis in fact they actually liked it all you hear is the VIVE LA REVOLUTION LEFTISTS
>americans continue to bomb france germany belgium etc
>drop 2 atom bombs on japan because why not?

Butthurt amerimutts

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But post on our forums. Makes sense.

germanfag here
you ameritards destroyed europe and are now eternal slaves to israel
I dont know why youre so obsessed with sucking jewish cock desu senpai


>korean loli board
>american forum
Go get your sis preggus or something, you disgusting mutt.
Literally the whole world is making fun of you on the internet now, you are a meme country get over it.

Fuck off and die. You fought for the wrong side in WW2. Burn in Satan's mouth for an eternity, traitor.

>But post on our forums.
your burger brain is showing mongrel.

Mexico would have gotten it's territory back from you if Germans had won war. "Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States"

>Mexico would have gotten it's territory back from you if Germans had won war. "Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States"

looks to me like half of the US is mexican territory at this point

Yep, fucking masons and traitors.

Can't be a slave to Jews if you are run by Jews.

Open your eyes, desu. Jews run this world now. Europe is simply allowed to exist alongside them.

Average Americans don't realize they don't longer matter. You don't have enough financial power to compete with hedge funds managers gambling with your 401k. You guys are toast.