USA will ban crypto world wide because it can be used to finance terror

>USA will ban crypto world wide because it can be used to finance terror
>All crypto currency will become worthless except Monero or some better future version of Monero that can be used in black markets
>In order to buy or sell Monero or Monero 2.0 you'll have to meet a creepy ass cracker behind a train station and exchange it for cash

screencap this niggers, this is how it ends. also, if you choose not to sell everything now, do you really think you can bet against Stiglitz and win? If you guys had studied real finance at a real school, you would know that he's literally the Einstein or Newton of the finance field

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you know what else is great to finance terror? HSBC

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>crypto in now literally the biggest thing since internet and there is no stopping it
>the kikes are desperate, because they see crypto ruining their comfy market manipulation
>the kikes will whine, but ultimately will lose and be gassed
This is what actually will happen

>kikes losing

Name one time in history they have lost since the end of WW2. Ever since they got control of world finance they don't lose at fucking anything.

Haven't they been kicked out of countries something like 359 times? They're just playing big this time

>implying before they ban crypto monero wouldnt be the first thing to be hunted down
do you think the masterminds over at the NSA have no way to find out you hide monero?


you are spending billions on nothing and only feeding businesses close to government

All currency can used to fund "terror".

The most used currency to fund said terror? USD...

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the "masterminds" at the NSA couldn't stop lowly employees from leaking their secret tools (which for the most part are script-kiddie level)

>the government can't even keep drugs put of prisons but will totally be able to stop people from trading digital clam shells

Another moron who thinks that the US is the center of the universe and has the power to ban something WORLDWIDE, speak for your scammers country if you want to have a chance to be taken serious next time. The rest of the world doesn't give a shit about the US or about how your president thinks

>USA will ban crypto world wide because it can be used to finance terror

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You can only track that back to governments though, privacy tokens cut out the middle man, meaning the USA can't sell their shit to the terrorists directly anymore.

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>Because it Disrupts Traditional Finance
Literally the point.

>“I don’t know where it’s going to stop," said Shiller, who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2013. "It’s going to go way up, like the stock market in the 1920s. We will reach a 1929 eventually. But then it won’t go to zero, it just will come down.”
>mfw he has clearly invested himself

>In order to buy or sell Monero or Monero 2.0 you'll have to meet a creepy ass cracker behind a train station and exchange it for cash
No, there will be websites you can use to trade cryptos. If push comes to shove then crypto exchanges will move to the darkweb, but they will definitely continue to exist.

>they will ban crypto

Lmao, they can‘t even stop people from growing weed in their homes.

The kikes will adapt.

They've been doing that actually. Look at Ripple.
They are going to find a way to control crypto and if they cant control it they're definitely gonna get a big piece of the pie. We are dealing with the most organized, most power hungry and evil people on earth and they've been the same throughout all recorded human history.

It's a lot easier to restrict people's internet access, especially with net neutrality dead.

What are E X C H A N G E S, if they ban exchanges your shitcoins will become worthless.

Its not like they need to control anything in an authoritarian sense either. Doesn't the top 1% own like 80% of the wealth or something like that? They could buy more crypto at today's prices than early adopters will ever have. Further, as most of the rich own some kind of business, simply accepting crypto as payment will let them accumulate the same way they got so much fiat. We're still discovering the price of crypto so it's extremely volatile now, but give it 10 years and the price will more or less level out, so it only looks like neets are becoming the nouveau riche when in reality 90% of biz will sell long before the peak.

no one spell it out for this idiot

so, consider the average joe who works as papa john's and want to buy weed on the dark interwebs. he gets paid in dollars, all exchanges what accept visa and mastercard are obviously shut down, so how exactly do you think he could get crypto in the first place?

Ask Saddam and Gaddafi how well trying to sell oil in anything other then dollars worked out for them.

>but ultimately will lose

Guess who owned mtgox and is now a billionaire living in japan?

Turtlecoin TRTL will become the gold standard in crypto. Fast transfers, privacy and the biggest factor for normie adoption, TWO DECIMALS.

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They didnt even lost in ww2. They got israel out of it.

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I dunno. It's possible, but I don't think they will ever manage to ban all crypto.

debit cards aren't banned

Papa john's guy probably gets direct deposit from the store. He can do a bank transfer as well.

>use exchange outside of US
>cash out in other country
>funnely money to shell company
>sell myself licenses and give myself anonymous donations



Why is this still allowed on this site?