Wtf is this retarded babble?
>It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach.

Is Cardano a meme aimed at scamming gooks?

OP is salty

They claim that because they claim to be scientists and researchers and whatever... and the technology they have is great and promising but...

It doesn't make it worth the investment though.

Ask yourself.
Has there ever been a team of great scientists that created a successful business?

No, a copy cat will come doing the same thing slightly differently with a better business acumen, or simply buy their technology. That's it.

Cardano is nothing more than a super glorified research project that makes coiners CUM when they hear the word science.

>scientific philosophy

>with a better business acumen
Pajeet english, gtfo poo

>a team of great scientists
These two computer scientists did OK

>Cardano is nothing more than a super glorified research project that makes coiners CUM when they hear the word science.
So it's aimed at the "fuck yeah science" normie redditer/faceberg types? The science/mythology names makes sense now.

The babble on their frontpage is inexcusable regardless. Bitconnect-type language for a reddit-tier audience.

>The science/mythology names makes sense now.
Sorry you missed the dip? See you @ 1.50 in

They say that because their paper go through a peer review process.
Cardano also will have a special wallet not owned by anyone, which will be funded by fees. It will serve to incentivise improvements for the network. Improvements are submitted to the broader community and will be working through a voting system.

That is why they are talking about scientific philosophy and research-first driven approach, because that's partly how the academic world works.

Their page reads like fart-sniffing. Why would a business go through peer-review??

Yes, let's implement garbage code that hasn't been scientifically proven to run what is going to basically be one of the pillar of future civilisation.

So it also targets code-fetishists?
How is this not the same emotional targetting as a bitconnect except instead of nogs their pushing the emotional buttons of higher-tier people?

it just appeared one day in the top10 and nobody knew what the fuck it is
just like IOTA
should answer any questions you have

Because they started out as a business.

And because computer science isn't a real science. They wrote a few algorythms. Impressive but not scientific.

Please get a good education. It's free online. You can do it!


You obviously need to do more research if you think this is just some science circlejerk.

Greek mythology bro
Only big brained nibbas need apply

>just some science circlejerk.
How much of it is science circlejerk and how much of it is real deal eth-killing platform?

Not necessarily gooks, but every good damn normal fag who is easily blinded by muah science religion. Wouldn't touch cuckdarno with a ten foot pole. Scientists are even worse at taking business decisions than the arrogant corecuck geeks.


this coin is trying to be a lot of things at once and it will fail at all of those

>Because they started out as a business.
Poo. In. It.

Google wasn't stuck up their own asshole though. Look at the nonsense-word name they choose for themselves. They didn't try to be all smarypants and engage in science-masturbatorism and fart huffing.

>They didn't try to be all smarypants
So arcane references impede adoption?

Prevents product innovation?

>fart huffing.

Google started with a working project. A search engine. Cardano so far has a fancy wallet.

Here's your difference.

>what is business acumen
>8 posts by this ID
>google comparison

Nice reverse pajeeting, pooer

This coin is gonna be so fucking big

All Germanic words are simple in English though. Latin & Greek words are smartypants faux-Norman aristocrat lording it up over Saxon peasants.


a better business acumen


better business acumen

Classic POO misuse of the indefinite article

Nice cardano arguments.

Just bought 100k


gee, I wonder where you could be coming from.

that is weird way to spell satanic