Can we all finally admit that nujak is actually funny AND a good way to filter out newfag redditors who think they...

Can we all finally admit that nujak is actually funny AND a good way to filter out newfag redditors who think they "understand" board culture? Post nujak edits only in this thread.


literal cancer

Don’t get it, what’s this about?
HD Wojaks are controversial?

Yes this shit came from reddit its cringy

get the fuck off of Veeky Forums you fucking cunts. Stop posting that utter shit.

Saged and reported.

Anybody else notice the market took a major dip after the introduction of nujak

why you so mean bro?

>nujack is the Herald
4k soon my friends.

>for posting memes
Now that's what I call reddit

This wojak is shit and it came from reddit

nujak is great. +1
fuck outdated oldjak - looks like shit.

Thanks, posted 100k more

No... It can't be !!!


So did this whole
>mods plz censor non rule violating content that I don't like.

You're posting literally cancer. It looks fucking terrible. Kys. Original Wojack or nothing.
No, off topic shitposting.

fuck off back to Tumblr, you cancer

Give nujak a chance! He's a lot better looking and diverse than old boring wojak!





how shit
havent saved any

Most of the posts on this board are about crypto. What does that have to do with business and finance? It's literally just the prisoners gamble on a global scale.

Die. Just fucking die off, subhuman.

Don't be so negative, bro! We are all going to make it!

Die off.

>le ebin spam nujack XDXD let's troll some nufags, guys
if you think you're trolling people with this shit, you seem to have forgotten what the "hide" function on the catalog does...

also: filters, you morons. only reason i even see this thread is because i'm posting from my second PC...
have fun circle-jerking with your grade school graphics artist shit, so clearly a psyop to worsen the hit on board culture during this market downturn... they're using the same tactics on /pol/ with the same memes and the same thought behind it... have fun embracing a meme virus supposed to drive any originality and free throught out of anti-reddit, aka Veeky Forums...
but what am i saying?
add accounts to this website and you have reddit 2.0.
Veeky Forums IS FUCKING DEAD. but that's hardly news...
this board is literally filled to the brim with brainlets, old and newfags alike...
unironically, KYS!

t.2007/2008 oldfag... on more boards you can even manage to remember
i mainly use Veeky Forums to offload my overpriced bags to you faggots...


Chill out! If you don't like nujak (which is totally cool!) try out nupepe at least...

Nigga you new as fuck


Nujak has a higher filesize and therefore excludes users with smaller diskspace. Nujak will centralize the pink wojak market by only having big harddisk players participate!

hhaha guys xD

It is, but it's so fucking awful to look at it. It's like watching zoophilia to get some laughs. Look at the fucking thing it's just blasphemous.

It's funny in the same way that shooting yourself in the foot is funny.

god no

>Bitcoin crashing again

NJaksh LOL!