>it goes down
>it goes up




Im too scared to check prices, are you mad because you bought or because you sold right now

Check em.

do the opposite of what u feel. Hold when shit looks terrible, sell when shit looks good.

Then why don't you just buy 50% and wait for confirmation before investing the other 50%. Similarly, sell 50% and wait to see the prices and then act accordingly. This is what I do, and it pretty much allows me to buy lower and sell higher on average.

>He is aware of when what we do when he enters or exits the market. KILL HIM.

Happens to me but 99% of the time if I just wait it goes back in my favor.

Learn some basic ta bitch. Read about macd and time frames. It’s not perfect but better than shooting blindly.

1) Don't buy shitcoins with no future.
2) DON'T buy shitcoins with no future. There will always be shitcoins that get overvalued as fuck and pumped all the way out of the stratosphere. (Tron, Ripple, Poe, DBC) Especially on Binance. Don't fomo into something you don't think will get strong in long term. Even holding becomes a meme when you buy a shitcoin. Long term expectations are as much important as short term fluctuations while daytrading.
3) Don't try to get a position in anything that has risen significantly.
4) Never sell at a loss. There are times when this rule can be broken, but don't break it if you don't know what you're doing.

Because you don't have a fucking strategy god damned idiots.

negative, that makes too much sense user

Sorry FUN bros but the price won't recover until i sell and I'm in full hodling mode.

>$12k feels like a lifetime ago
I kind of can't take much more of this

Because you trade based on emotion. Those emotions are FOMO and FUD. Learn to control yourself.

picrelated bro
This is life

OP. you problem is thinking the market cares about your action.

the market doesn't care.

you action is an independent event.

when you realized this is when you become a better trader.

have you tried selling when you buy and buying when you sell


Honestly trading at this point is retarded, just sell and wait.
The same was the case wen it went up, that's why the HODL meme was strong although of course you need to take profits some times so it's still mostly a meme.

next week we are going down hard

I feel you OP, I made this thread

What if op is a huge whale who makes 100 btc buy orders?

>be me
>havent sold btc since October
>up 12% in btc from trading
>up 33% in usd now

Never sell guys. hold.