General hiring thread

Looking for a JS developer. React or any up to date framework and web3.
Also looking for a community mananger. Discord & Telegram.
Payment in (stakeable) project tokens, weekly.

[email protected]

fuck off pajeet


I did a Hello World in C once.

>pays in tokens

Contract is finished, got like 500 holders or so.
Also got a webapp which needs to be extended.
Not a new project. Not a clone.

We're EU based.

Could split, BTC and tokens. Or ETH.

React dev here give me work cant stand going to my office everyday they dont appreciate my autism

Just write an email, preferably with github / other sample link.


I have send you an email regarding the community manager position

>Payment in (stakeable) project tokens, weekly.

Fucking lmao. Just emailed you bro, check your spam, my email is [email protected]

>Have applied to about 30 jobs
>Didn't get a single one
>Have no idea how to earn money by programming
>Trying to learn to paint so I can just paint porn on patreon

Fuck this world tbqh famalam

Only 30? Lazy shit I applied to at least 10 a day and was able to get a entry level programming job in a month

>Mail adresses on biz have to be firstname.lastname and can't be trash mails

Thanks. Email was send under the title “Community Manager Application”

When can I expect a response?


10 minutes

Didn’t receive an email?

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