What are some interesting crypto projects that you actually believe in? I'm

What are some interesting crypto projects that you actually believe in? I'm

looking to hold for 5+ years.


Why those two?

read about it

Decred. Solves the governance problem. Privacy, LN, mobile wallets, DEX and more coming this year. Some of the best devs around, very innovative.

>constant updates on twitter and github
>adopted by some chineses apps

Agreed. I'm 75 percent trx and xrb for the rest


Digibyte :)

Overhyped ethereum fork with secret devs and Instagram model pictures.



How stupid are you?

>Decentralized exchange
>DA Hongdei adviser
>Technology to sift through markets to buy at the cheapest price
Currently hodl on Binance. If my decentralized exchange tokens are stolen on a centralized exchange i will probably kms though


What are your thoughts on VIBE user?


Syscoin. Besides the ICO platform etc it will have a webmarket up and running in March.
It will be a market without fees. This is huge for companies and people who use ebay/amazon for their retail. It saves them 15%+. Lots of companies are already behind syscoin and some companies gave syscoin team money for development. Blockchain Foundry (company behind syscoin) is also going to be listed on the Canadian stock exchange.

I think the blockmarket (webmarket) will be huge in the coming years. Just the darknetmarkets alone, which is less than 1% of the total market syscoin is aiming at, should make syscoin very valueable.


Insert the coins you own

I shill them all if i have to. As soon as i sell them i fud. Like everyone else.

However i see prl be my biggest gainer.

PRL, you're gonna make it

Those are probably the 4 worst coins I have ever seen anyone recommend on this board

The funny thing is you have actually proved yourself to be the retarded one. Research it

Sounds horrible. Because blockchain data is replicated to every node and all transactions are public, you will see every purchase made by every person forever. Also, as people make more purchases the size of the blockchain will grow and it will become a PITA to sync and make purchases. Sounds awful compared to companies we already have like Amazon that make shopping very enjoyable.


There are already markets without fees. Facebook, gumtree. The value of ebay/amazon/aliexpress comes through their reach and security. Having to use a cypto coin is a barrier to entry.

If anybody does make something of cypto so it isn't just POGS of the 2010's it will be integrated into what already exists


omg, neo, xmr, eth, req, icx

everything else is literally shitcoin

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VTC, Same supply as LTC with ASIC resistance and EVEN FASTER transfers. Get on board before you FOMO out


There are ways to make those nodes private and you dont have to download all the blockchain to connect

I'm hopeful it will get PayPal levels of adoption in 5+ years (I'm holding it for 5+ years too)