Missed this ico


who cares , all this shit is devalueing for some time anyway

You were probably better off holding ETH and buying in now. at 50c.

fucking scamcoin anyway bro. bought in at .30 and then reread the white paper and realized all the spelling errors and how much tehy shill their shitty coin literally everywhere

objvious PnD get out while you can

>still not on CMC

>bought 20k at the ico but didnt add on when listed because all my other coins shit the bed during the crash and couldnt sell


What does that imply? Pump or dump when its listed on cmc?

>mfw bought at ICO
There's so much pumping ahead of us.

This shit below ICO yet?

Only 2.5x atm, good for this market though.

no, you must be thinking about shitcoins like axpire

>didn't buy the dip at 0.38c
>didn't buy at 0.50c
>didn't buy at 0.60c

Everytime I think I'll go to bed and buy in the morning, but the price is always higher (atleast in ETH). I burned myself in December and now I'm playing it too safe for my own good.


Got 55k here. Wish i had made it 100k

This shitcoin being shilled again.
You have a better chance with FUN than this shit.

>Tether 2.0 (Solvent, tokenized, any fiat piat, and also commodities) is a shitcoin


I bought FUN at 16c :/
waiting to get rid of that shit

Think this will drop when it reaches Kucoin?

I have no idea, but I intend to hold the vast majority of my coins for at least 1 year for long term capital gains.

If it does a 5x i might sell 20% to have my initial investment recouped

JNT opened at 2x ICO price in fiat during a crash/strong bear market

and then it went _up_

that's the best sign i've seen for this coin. anything else people would have either panic sold to get into ETH/BTC or Fiat or sold as it was climbing.

thanks mate, good luck

holy shit guys i just had a thought

can you tokenize other cryptos with this

like could you have jBTC, trade it on the ethereum network and hold it without ever having to download the bitcoin wallet or whatever

kind of like holding coins on an exchange but without exchange risks?

i will explain why this could be big

>i will explain why this could be big
You're going to have to.

It could be used to create a crypto index fund without exposure to the risks of buying and holding a shit ton of different coins either on exchanges or in wallets or risk of losing private keys or whatever

i made a related thread here

basically a bad version of tether which isn't used by any exchanges yet
their only argument is tether fud

It's far superior to tether because it can be done for any fiat pair and doesn't have to be only on exchanges, i understand the jUSD and jEUR are ERC20 tokens

Anyone who invested in this missed the eth moon. You would have literally been better off holding eth. Any time anyone mentions USD price multiples, you know it's a failed ICO.

>You would have literally been better off holding eth
>has gone up in ETH value
Really activates the almonds...

>lock up your eth for two months for this shit ICO and miss the entire alt season where every coin went 10x
>only 2x eth value after waiting TWO months

Face it, this ICO is a complete fucking failure and nobody gives a shit about it. The market agrees, don't bother them about it.

If that was true you'd be right, but it's all wrong.
>lock up ETH right at the end of the bull market
>everything crashes, investment holds strong and then multiplies
>up 3x while everybody else is at a 60percent loss

>buy literally anything in december
>buy jibrel during token distribution
>have 5x the coins you would have now if you hadn't bought into the ICO

You're so fucking stupid.

Everybody bought on December 27, i.e. at the end of the bull market like I said. Timed perfectly. I understand you're angry you didn't do the same, it isn't too late to buy though.

the bull run ended in early January. youre wrong.

If it was a failure the price would have tanked instead of going up

The salt is strong with this one

that the fucking normies don't know about it yet, the subledit has less than 1k subscribers kek

Yes, technically you could. Pretty much any asset. You could tokenize your cattle futures.

A discord group is PnDing this, best wait it out

10k jiblet here. we‘re all gonna make it


no link because its fud.

Measly 2400 Jewblet. Could’ve been 5000 had I not fucked up in the beginning and panic sold. God I fucking suck. Whatever I will hodl my Jewblits until I’m dead or panic sell in a few days...which is probably what I will do honestly. Just kill me.