Didn't sell ICX on summit news, but bought at 7k sats so meh.

I have never owned any coins but visit this board religiously when BTC crashes to enjoy the memes

Traded 50% portfolio for Tel at 80sats

my dad still thinks i have 2x his 20k investment on eth but i have lost 14 of it on shit coins, what do i do

didnt sell icx summit news, hodling some heavy bags.

my wallet is


Not gonna make it, I'm sure of it

Father forgive me for I have FOMOd into PFR.


I dunno man, kys?

Comfy in coins that can't dump because they're too cheap.


Jump off the ship of life, be free forever.

sold my link for max cash on osrs

Never give financial advice or invest other's money, its simple.

muricans should confess that they are ignorand delusional weakhanded dumbed down degenerate faggots.

I missed buying into this coinmeme in sept-oct, then I did it around jan 20 when it started to go down.
I should've waited a few months or not even do it.

I bought 100$ of TurtleCoin @26 satoshi

At least you didn't buy at 38, oh boy I wonder what those people are thinking. It could still get to 20-30 levels or even higher.

im still holding....

I have zero interest in owning crypto. I'm just here to give deliberately bad advice to people asking about taxes.

I bought into jib and now I can’t stop FUDding it in threads.
Feels good too.

this but unironically

I started in October 17. I liked NEO ust from seeing it, their symbol, price was 13$. Bought BTC and gambled with 20% with shitcoins, right now I'm +50 to 60%. Bought NEO two weeks ago for 125$

could have made +1000% with all in NEO.

Got out of WTC at $3.5 when I bought in at $1. I had thousands of them

I force memes in threads that usually makes them less interesting but I don't want to feel like I wasted my time making them.