ITT: Pajeet hate thread

Discuss & post your best.

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The only people I know irl that hate had their girls pounded in by some brown people desu

Calm down Rakesh


Only in pajeetland

Im just sayan. At my uni they do pretty well. Lots of money too

OP ur just butthurt cause pajeets crashed your crypto prices ;)

Sh sh shit-in-the-street-pajeet.

Sure thing, patel

I'll be honest, I have a thing for indian girls.


I actually don't mind indian people. Yeah theyre stinky and have ashy ass fuckin feet. But they seem okay.

>brown ID
ohboy D:

Indian here, now, my only quirk with indians is, well, they are cheapskates and bullshitters. Esp in the world of work, they know little but put on they know more. When it comes to money, even the wealthiest of indians barter/beg all the fucking time. Like squeezing the smallest amount out of anything involving money. Its so fucking disgraceful.


Poo in the loo mukesh

officially worse than niggers


Sadly true

> OP still doesn't get that 90% of "pajeets" here are murican.


Ikr, I know a few cool indian people but so many are low IQ, cheap fucking faggots, they also like to stare rudely.