Kek at faggots who bought

Kek at faggots who bought

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their team


>React/JS ninja
>Social Media Manager
>IOS dev

Soyboys assemble!

Obvious scam, erc20 token that wanted to pass as monero fork, dev exit scam by generating thanks to an exploit a gorillon tokens, craching the whole shit


>No pajeets in team.
>Everyone is white
>No women in team
I'm sure a lot of biztards bought this shit.

Also, look at their website, kek.

Just a scam token with an escape hatch for the dev. He made a function that only he was allowed to access (burnSupply) which allowed him to set his own token balance to whatever he wanted and nobody noticed or cared.


This is the funniest thing I've seen this year holy shit

Did he sell EVERYTHING?

Pfthahaha, I've told people countless times this whole game is about brand recognition, I could do a shitty ERC20 token and call it Bitcoin Ultra right now, it'd probably be worth at least five dollars by the end of the week too.

Start right now. Free airdrop for biz and we shill your shit


Nice my screencap made the collage good work op




Been considering making chainlink diamond just to see what happens


do it pleaseeee

my sides

keked irl, good job

>$0.003571 USD (-95.65%)


third worlders are sometimes lucky that they can easily scam idiots with low effort bait lmao

The devs don't seem to be third worlders. Unless it's all fake.

It wouldn’t make sense for people who just exit scammed to reveal their real identity

user... you need to go back, way back to /reddit/


Do you guys think it'll climb back up? It's a good time to buy right?

I'd say no, but after bitconnect's massive dead cat bounce idk anymore.


Do it faggot, make sure to airdrop

Fucking KEK

It's fake obviously

So these are the faces of Veeky Forums...

I'm dead
Their fucking roadmap is hilarious. I can't believe someone would fall for this. It's like a parody of TenX and Monaco.
>Debit Card 15. January 2018
>Dispatch Monero Gold VISA debit card to first 1000 applicants.

>PARTNERSHIPS 22. Jannuary 2018
>Create enterprise partnerships with businesses to ensure growth of Monero Gold token in all areas of finance. Launch MoneroGoldPay


>No tax on crypto
>Extremely low cost of living
Is this /ourcountry/

It's also almost 100% white. Truly the promised land.

This gave me cancer

I now have cancer

If the monero gold dev is here, I have huge respect for you. Go enjoy the money you glorious bastard.

fucking negroes man, what is wrong with them? I guess /pol/ is always right.

did not do it for the money user.

>Crypto police ICO