Hello user, it's me again. How are things going?

im comfy and you?

what's this pepe called?

Ice T?

pump or dump?

Very comfortable as well, sipping beer at a swimming pool in Thailand.

It has already started about a week ago, you should know by now.

December '17 here.
It's hard to distinguish Crypto from Butt Cancer.


Ready for the 15k Bulltrap and you OP?

fine. didn't sell the top, so now i'm just riding this to the grave. i assume we'll be back in business around May, so do your worst, assholes.


T for trashed?

I would doubt your readiness.

Do you think Tether is safe?

I see you're very stubborn. That may be a good trait in some cases.

do you think its gonna recover?

I have no comment on that.

Everything that has a reason to exist eventually recovers.

tell us something fag

I just want a final pump before exiting. I think most people.invested in crypto deserve to lose everything apart from me

so nothing basically kek

That is an unfortunate attitude.

Many things have a reason to exist in this world.

i'm busy, and i'm not gonna go locking in 25-50% losses when i can't be bothered to watch this shit like a hawk and even try to time bottoms.

if it works out, it works out.

Don't need to touch any of this shit until May. Are we good then?

it'd take BTC going to like $3K for me to dip into my initial, and I just don't see it happening....

...do you?



did you cash out at least some profit?
we are going at least to 7k again

Just a few grand of my initial $4K investment.

The rest will ride or die.

I want to be 40% up on my all-time high. That's my 75% exit point. Got close, but....not there.

Like I said, I have until May, and even then, if I can't touch it, or the rest is only 10% my ATH, I'm fine with that.

I still believe, and I just won't fucking sell until I hit my numbers.


he means bitcoin is a worthless piece of shit and will continue to die, invest in utility tokens

one more question do you think its gonna go below 5k?

i think you're taking the hodl meme too seriously

I think you're a non-believer and should fuck off.

Any good news soon?

lol those bags are starting to get heavy eh?
if you cashed out during the bull trap you could've bought back more of your shitcoins but no, you fell for the HODLEEE meme lol
also i'm in crypto as much as you but i'm clever enough to take out profits during ATHs fucking faggot

like i said, I'm busy. i can't watch this shit every day.

i don't care about bleeding. just gonna give 'er 6 months and see what's up.


not great desu
can we get a glimmer of hope here anonbro?