Buy now?

Buy now?

Yes. Put every last cent you have into BTC. Sell a kidney if you have to.

Buy at $3k.

Risky. If it manages to pierce RSI 50 and keep above, buy, else no.

wait after chinese new year

Shut up fag.

I'm actually considering it given the recent high GBP has against the USD.

It's 50:50 instead of spotting something early like last time but I feel like this is a golden opportunity to do the opposite whilst everyone's shitting themselves.

RSI by itself is not a buy or sell indicator.

dont buy dips until we hit the golden cross

We are not going above the yellow line ever again. It's over

wait for the Flimbsey Flourish first, and avoid if an obvious Nocturnal Crescent forms.

which line is RSI? please answer

not 30-mins RSI, but 3-day RSI does

You sure...?

how does this graph even fucking work? what kind of candles are these? the "buy" and "sell" lines aren't im a pattern of 3 days at all wut nigger?

Yes buy now. We're in way oversold territory. Set a stop loss of around 10% and reduce max pain in case of a plummet, but chances are we'll increase around 10% from here.

You would think based off btc alone but no. Things can remain overbought and oversold for an extended period of time.

I googled those in hopes of getting rich

How can I see this in tradingview? I want to see how it behaves in other pairs.

Please explain

No. Not yet. Wait until it hits the floor, which is $0. Then take that money you would've invested and buy yourself something nice for not being a total fucking moron.

the trend is your friend, watch for the 30/90 day SMA crossover

Wait for the Flying Trane formation to touch the Golden Goose Armpit

Now. btc may down to 7k