(POLL) Do you plan on filing your 2017 crypto tax?


Do you plan on filing?

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Of course. I only have losses to report

I didnt cash out yet so no

Yup. I cashed out a gigantic amount of money. (High six figures) I'm going to report everything and then start a business.

If you traded in 2017, you still owe taxes whether you cashed out or not.

2 real bruh

Na under 10k worth im exempt

good luck and blessings user

How would they know either way? I traded, doubled my money then spent it. I cold easily say my account was hacked and someone sent the btc to an unknown wallet b/c all it would show is one transfer of all my btc pretty much to a different wallet then that's it. I mean should I report it as a total loss?

how much of a fucking cuckold do you have to be to literally pay taxes on your fucking crypto

Yes, i never want to have to worry about it

i make less than $20k/year and all i did was buy $4k worth of ETH on cuckbase and instantly transfer it to an unverified binance account to trade shitcoins. even if i make a million dollars i'm not paying taxes senpai because i'll just sell it locally over localmonero. $1-5k at a time and live comfy

why are the bar charts not the same color as their corresponding pie chart segments reeeeeeeee

I lurked for months and purposely waited until 2018 (this weekend) to buy anything, so I don’t need to settle up this year. My dad is an accountant ;)

Not even rich or Jewish

Once you're audited the burden of proof is on you. You have to prove the tax assessment is incorrect.

As to how they will know, they have computer systems that flag suspicious activity and departments of workers (often poorly paid) that go through tax returns by hand.

This user is correct . I hope everyone is keeping good records.

It's even easier than that. the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT is that ledgers are public

how are you supposed to prove an unknown amount

prove my monero that i purchased through a vpn on unverified foreign exchanges you irs nigger

Nope. please kill this stupid meme

Just claim your coin purchases as a business expense. Write off any losses and reinvest your earnings with further purchases (which you claim as a business expense).

>Intelligently investing your money
You sure you're on the right board friend?

going to just file my taxes like a fucking adult

Spent whole day recording each transaction from kuccoin. Having to determine the USD amount for currency to currency trades is shit.Took me hours, and I even used bitcoin.tax

You use what is called "Evidence." law.cornell.edu/rules/fre

Once again the burden of proof is on you

Excellent point

Coinbase is incorporated in the US, they will probably snitch on you. I can't find a legal address for Binance but they're probably somewhere in China or Hong Kong.

what does that mean

Hey IRS, stop posting these gay fucking threads. We already know you retards aren't smart enough to track every crypto to crypto trade.

>Coinbase is incorporated in the US, they will probably snitch on you
they will snitch what, exactly? the simple fact that i bought ETH? that's not a taxable event KEK

>I can't find a legal address for Binance but they're probably somewhere in China or Hong Kong.
they're in hong kong. my account is unverified (meaning anonymous), and i access it through a VPN

fuck off irs NIGGER there is no way i am paying taxes. no. fucking. way.

you should probably ask mommy and daddy how to do taxes, or maybe get an accountant.

Let me help you dumb niggers out that have not cashed out...sent my coins to my ledger / wallet...you did this right? You’re not some idiot keeping them on an exchange are you? Then you say your ledger was stolen/broken. You guys worry way the fuck too much, which is why we have such massive dips. Someone posts something and you fucks panic sell.

Stop worrying they are not going after you

This. Any “muh taxes” thread is an IRS psyops to try and get you to self report. Stop falling for this shit.

>Then you say your ledger was stolen/broken
Man, you guys dont understand how the IRS works. It doesnt matter if you "lose" all your money.

All the IRS cares about are the taxes you owe. Whenever you trade its a taxable event. Now yes, you can delay paying your taxes, but taxes owed are taxes owed, regardless if you "lose your money".

>what is an anonymous image board

Retards don't realize the whole point of an audit is they make YOU track the trades. It's a fucking audit. They make you do the work.

I'm almost 100% positive that all of the idiots that spout this shit have not filled out anything tax-related beyond a w2

How do you even cash out? (uk)

Coinbase typical needs some sepa transfer which costs and some alternatives are apparently scammy

Can a nigga get paid?

Nope. I only hodl.

Yes I plan on filing since my port hit over a million. Id like to sleep easy

And for those plan in laundering good luck explaining how you got that yacht from the "gift from your friend" overseas

coinbase and gemini are the main ways to cash out right now, there are also BTM's if you want cash

I gave my accountant my Coinbase forms. Made 90k usd from ETH. I have a bunch of random exchanges that make up maybe 15% of those profits but all that matters is the Coinbase forms since it's what I used to cash in/out, correct?

This. I didn't choose to put my savings in crypto for the jews to take it. Fuck them.

Guys I posted and just got a knock on the door guys in suits fu bizzzz you tricked me FUCK UBI.....

Huh, that is a remarkably even spread.

Coinbase ratted me out to the IRS, not only that they totally ass fucked me by counting every trade as 100% income, so they reported I made like $250,000 in December alone. Fuck this country holy shit. I wage cuck to and already get taxed to the max. I am an educated professional we are like france before their revolution, the educated peasants pay the most tax to prop up the ultra wealthy millionaire hairs who never worked a day in their life. The millionaire heirs inherit their dynastic fortunes with zero tax now when I worked my whole life to build a career and am taxed like 40% and get nothing from it. I am moving out of this shithole country as soon as I find a country that is not completely cucked into neofeudalism like the USA. "Land of the free" lmao.

what is that sludge in the upper right

>IRS offers a bounty of up to 30% for whistleblowers on people who tax evaders
>People on Veeky Forums talk about not paying taxes
>Hiroshimoot reports them to the IRS
When did you realize that Veeky Forums is a honeypot?

I am not americunt.I don't even pay taxes on real money.

>what is an anonymous image board, for the second time

lul good one

Oh you're right, yes this is a honeypot, thats why we've heard of so many stories of people getting kidnapped by the feds by posting on Veeky Forums. So many stories of people getting knocks on their door from the IRS for tax evasion by posting anonymously on Veeky Forums. Yea, so many stories

i'm so fucking glad that gox got hacked, i was able to recover my trades from their CSV

Why would they make a honeypot public?

Yes you're right, stories never leak, a person would never post on Veeky Forums after the feds knock on his door