SEC Senate Hearing

48 hours

Will the US be fags like China, or will this be the end of the bear market?


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15k bulltrap, then reeeee

My prediction:
All ICOs banned from US citizens
Taxes out the ass
Exchanges requiring proper documents for USD

All in all, probably good news.

holy shit this is actually a huge deal right?

why the fuck is this the first im hearing about it
this could make or break crypto for the next few months, like the China regulations

Who cares about SEC. Go trade on exchanges outside your shit country and you're fine.

Whales want cheap bitcoin so expect a drop.

It's NOT going to be good.

They're not going to kill cryptos but they're going to tame the risks, which will also tame the rewards.

We might see a consolidation of major cryptos though, but forget about 100x pajeet coins if you're a 56%er.

protip: they'll greenlight crypto along with Tether and BTC will 30k by the end of next week

You can screenshot this post btw

99.9%: it will be terrible, tether gets exposed and the crash will be massive

0.01%: tether is legit and we see a bullrun bigger than dec

do u fucking burgers even know how ur administration works?
this is a hearing, they won't do anything on tuesday
a hearing
a hearing

This statement makes it sound like a good thing. John Normie won't touch crypto because it's "unsafe" (in reality he's just too retarded to distinguish between legitimate coins and scams). From the statement it seems like the SEC wants to embrace the tech while punishing the scams. Sure regulation sucks but that's what we'll need for huge investment money to enter the market.

One negative word and its going to be -80%.

All positive rainbows and unicorns and it will only go down maybe 20%.
There is no situation where this does not crash the market further.

yes, but the price will adjust based on likely outcomes of the hearing

Unironically this is what I think is going to happen.
Will there be a livestream? I don't wanna miss this Veeky Forums kino

until they audit your bank account for receiving cash payments from known crypto exchanges lmao

Are you a brain dead nigger? If the sec even queefs a sound that could be interpreted as a syllable of a cryptos name the market will fucking tank.

Binance will be illegal

Pls let this happen

if u weren't such a stupid nigger maybe u would follow the actual news instead of refreshing /biz and breitbart every other minute
overall sentiment is positive, fucking dramaqueens

Total shitcoins with marketcaps in the 10s of millions or more are an eyesore.
ICOs are securities.
Bye bye shitcoins, back to your true value!
May legit projects survive (~1% of projects).

>trade on binance
>send to gemini
>cash out

We will always be ahead of the U.S. government. Ban exchanges? Great.. all the DEXs are just about to come online. Stop ICO access... fine... already talking about new ways to fund projects - see REQ. Crypto way to fast for government. Banks have an advantage and could fuck us if they wanted to - however those greedy fucks could'nt ban together for shit when opportunity to stab other banks in the back exist.

gemini requires your SSN you dumb fuck

Cash out to where? Your bank account will be frozen cuck.

Regulation makes everything feel safer, which is the reason we will not see that many corrections and the bubble will build up.

Huge investment money entering the market just means getting ahead of the usability/interest curve.

Currently only nerds and tech-oriented people are buying cryptos, which is precisely the kind of people who are leading it to organic growth of assets, December has shown that when normies get in corrections get way larger because these people are only coming in because their friend was making bank, not because of a genuine interest for the asset.

And what happens after a bubble? Restrictions and literally the death of markets profitability. They're setting the city on fire just so they can show up as firefighters and sell you their fire alarms in a few years.

It's good short term, sure, but terrible long term, hopefuly DEXs and privacy coins are well-developed by the time shit hits the fan.

Wtf are goddam securities and why do jews hate people making money on them so much seems like bull shitn

who cares, your market share will be taken by nips, gooks, chinks and yuropoors
good riddance too, you weak handed faggots

>rainbows and unicorns

Dan Carlin?

Negativity already priced in

The US and China are opposed on this issue, so there is zero chance that the US will accommodate China by limiting Bitcoin.

Essentially what is happening on the ground is that lots of rich Chinese millionaires and billionaires are evading currency controls by mining bitcoin and then selling their BTC in western markets in exchange for houses or some other store of value.

It is billions of cash moving out of China into our countries.

We benefit, China looses. Pretty simple deal. Of course the US will support Bitcoin.

Heck I even think it might have been the reason Bitcoin was created in the first place! It makes sense given that it works for effectively for this purpose.


>Wtf are goddam securities
Holy shit the absolute state of this board.

Maybe nocoiners were right, you fucks are retarded cancer.

its for your own safety filthy gentile

>We benefit, China looses. Pretty simple deal. Of course the US will support Bitcoin.
Trump showed that he doesn’t know/care about the Grand Strategy with how he handled TPP. Expect no understanding of this wealth transfer from US gov.

And even if you managed to cash out you would have to fork over a third of it to Uncle Sam.

It's a good thing Trump doesn't run the SEC then

>how he handled TPP
The first red flag should've been hostility towards the EU and especially Germany, not TPP. Now Russia and the EU will become buttbuddies and everything that the US worked against since the collapse of the Soviet Union will be undone, especially once China becomes closer to the EU and finally establishes their new Silk Road

Suddenly, the US is alone right when they're facing a crash. Based as fuck Trump

Idgaf im in so many icos all the time ill be able to buy a swiss passport soon

The US couldn't ban crypto even if they wanted to. Bitcoin et al are the future of global finance. Banning it would ensure that the US lost their dominance to Asia and Russia. Worst case scenario is that they try to regulate it like securities, but that would mean functionality nothing except any devs in the US would move their operation elsewhere and that decentralized exchanges would become much more popular.

Brainlet here, but if millionaires and billionaires are mining crypto with Chinese manufactured GPUs and Chinese electricity to mine a digital currenty(I.E. no tangible resource loss) and then trading digital currency for tangible assets in other countries, it actually sounds like Bitcoin works better as a way of China purchasing assets throughout the world using magic beans...

What's it like to have an iq lower than room temperature

No idea can you tell us Trumpcuck?

I think so, I've held for over a year now never being tempted to cash out- but after seeing this shit coming I'm taking my initial investment out. Not worth watching my portfolio go from rich to 0

russia and the eu dont get along, we have news articles that talk about russia interfering with elections even has sanctions on russia for the crimea invasion

Probably something like this

>Trump will never run
>Trump will never win the nomination
>Trump will never win the election
>the electoral college will never give Trump their votes
>Trump will never pull us out of the tpp
>Trump will never reduce regulations
>Trump will never get tax reform
You are here
>Trump will never renegotiate trade with china
>Trump will never improve relations with Russia
>Trump will never get North Korea to come to the negotiation table
>Trump will never negotiate peace in the middle east
>Trump will never put a man on Mars

The Amerimutts are the scum of the earth. They shit on us Europeans for not being free, yet you fuckers suck on Jewish cock and are raped constantly by your proxy IsraHell government. Everything you touch turns into shit.

If this happens, I will suck your dick live on Tout

nothing will happen. we had a hearing before and it was just a bunch of boomers yelling at lawyers about satoshi. memeworthy but it didnt affect prices.

Wow please stop posting you are making us burgers look retarded.
As in, even more retarded than before the orange shit demon began to tank the us economy.


yeah it was trump all along
totally not the jews that are ruining your country since 200 years

The US makes a shit ton of money from crypto. Crypto uses made-in-America technology developed by the NSA.The US gov will regulate crypto for sure, but never ban it. They'll just create a safer environment for institutional and retail investors. You'll need licenses to run ICOs or exchanges. They might also limit day trading.

Depends on what you mean by jews. Secular ethnic jews are generally pretty scummy, but I fail to see what makes that a distinct category from "leftist". Actual orthodox jews are generally alright imo because they have most of the same sensibilities as protestants. Further, the people who need to be sent to the showers the most are all goys. Even if we accept the premise that all jews are intrinsically evil, they are a tiny minority in western countries. Nothing gets done without a majority of the populus voting for it, ei the merchant might be selling, but someone still has to buy.

>Tl;dr leftist is a much more useful category than jew because it covers all of the people you don't want in your society

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Agreed 100%

murifats are pure degenerate dumbed down cancer!

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nobody gives a fuck about left vs right on here jesus christ faggot

we are literally just here to make money, i dont care if you hate gays getting married and would have a mental breakdown if whites became a minority, take it somewhere else.

Fuck IIDF, I thought you fuckers ceased to exist by now.

>the stock market can go up forever without a correction
>having nearly zero interest rates is normal and acceptable for growth

Whales are accumolatin

Damn i wish, seems like easy money.

Instead I'm working my ass off and getting fucked by every rich cunt in power. In my state and country.

Lrn2work faggot and maybe you will one day understand what it feels like to have to pay the salaries of people who are runing the country you love and would die for.

Fucking degenerate.


>implying I started the political conversation by posting to a politically related thread
>implying I wouldn't be called a Jewish shill on pol for my post
>implying that politics and finance aren't intrinsically linked

>Trump will never run
>Trump will never win the nomination
>Trump will never win the election
>Trump will never actually only hire "swamp lords" after talking so much about "draining the swamp"
>Trump will never actually be in bed with Russia
>Trump will never actually try to keep American green card holders from returning to the USA just because of the color of their skin
>Trump will never actually lie nonstop about the things he's accomplished and take credit for things that are clearly Obama era policy results
>Trump will never actually give up protected land because he's in bed with big oil
>Trump will never actually revert an insane number of sanctions and laws which protected the US people from Shanghai tier pollution
>Trump will never actually ease up on drug regulations despite the opioid crisis because he's in bed with big pharma
>Trump will never actually approve a tax bill that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer
You are here
>Trump will never actually cause our economy to have one of the worst recessions of the last 100 years
>Trump will never actually be found guilty of obstruction of justice
>Trump will never actually get impeached

This. I am a Eyropoor but this Trump shit is getting out of hand.

Ok I agree he will not be impeached or held accountable.

He will however tank the economy.
If people cant see that then you do not belong on this board.

t. Red blooded american who sleeps with his AR within arms reach at all times.

So were you dropped on your head or were you just born retarded?

Trump was outspent in the campaign 3 times over and had the majority of news media railing against him for petty reasons

How on earth could anyone believe he was the corrupt danger

Only if you believe bitcoin and alts have no real value.

>>Trump will never put a man on Mars
Objectively this one is true, because he'll be out of office well before we could do this, even if we started right now with full Government support.

>Trump was the sole perpetrator of the economic policies that led to our current market and monetary situations

>Rosenstein telling Trump to Fire Comey means Trump is guilty of OBSTRUCTION!!!!!

The absolute STATE of the delusional left. This is what Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like. They think Obama is the cause of the bull run after the election and they also think Trump is the cause of the last ten administrations economic policies.

Jesus fucking christ


Don't think you all understand. Official regulation will be necessary for billion dollar imstitutional funds to enter the market. This is the only way to the future and the future will be bright.

Metal or Monaco cards you tards

This. As much as I dislike the government touching this (they usually fuck things up) it may be beneficial to have those average guys more comfortable to crypto.

Born retarded, which is still 2 tiers above Trump voters. AMA.

>bear market
Bear markets go horizontal, not vertical.

Regulations only help short term just to kill us long term.


>How on earth could anyone believe he was the corrupt danger
The anti-Trump angle seems to be that he's either corrupt, or just grossly incompetent.

That's my favorite 56% meme.
I'm American btw.

Why not both?

holy shit.
Top kek

True. It's almost like very few people here understand how market fluctation works outside of their autistic bubbles.

where is this from?

insider discord

How would the limit daytrading?

Its already priced in

Second the incompetency angle, money likes stability, rationality, purpose, trump provides none of these

I personally feel that both propositions contradict reality, as well as one another. Corrupt being the most likely to be true, if at all.

If you didn't understand the way he played the media during the election, it would seem like he was incompetent. But empirical evidence of his success contradicts this both before and after his success in the election.

As for corruption, it remains to be seen. However, there is evidence that contradicts this as well. He released the JFK papers when all past presidents had extended the deadline for release. We can't know what Hillary would have done for sure, but I feel it is unlikely that she would have released them when Bill did not.
He is throwing serious accusations of corruption, especially in regard to the previous administration spying on his campaign, and there seems to be evidence to support his claims. None of this proves he is not corrupt in some form, which is why it's still up in the air. I suspect we'll know soon enough.

Please keep in mind that these arguments are all without consideration of whether or not his particular style is good or bad for America.

Trump fags literally claim vindication because if rising stock market, lower unemployment
Stock market changes after enough time for Trump policies to actually start effect, Trumpfags scream Obama

Fucking Losers
Eat opiates til long sleep pleez

they know this and will probably be careful in what they say. too bad retards/the market will get carried away on a wave of shit reporting and headlines.