Cashed out 850k from crypto

>Cashed out 850k from crypto.
>Time to move on to the next scam.
>Spent $4000 on an Amazon FBA course.

What are my chances of succeeding with this?

fba is simple as fuck why would you spend money on a course?

Because I'm lazy as fuck and want everything spoonfed to me. And I have plenty of money.

What is fba desu?

what is amazon fba?

I’ve been selling on fba for a few years. Started with no background in ecommerce

It’s really hard. It’s all in the product sourcing and your competing with like 2-10 Chinese manufactures directly

nigger the fba wave is already over its hard af to get in now
it was dropshipping -> fba -> shopify+fb -> crypto
youre hustling backwards if youre getting out of crypto now to open an amazon store lmao

But if I have a lot of startup capital I can do a lot of tricky shit to manipulate the algorithms and stuff right?

By the time you’re making sales you problably want multiple fba accounts since amazon is so happy to suspend first and ask questions later when it comes to fake customer complaints

You can, but if you don’t know what your doing you can burn a lot of money. You’re better off using that money for max amount of products and find a profitable niche

The only reason I'm considering this is I personally know a total brainlet who started a few months ago that was a poorfag that's now making 6 figure revenue. I know I could KILL him at any skill set whatsoever.

Is he doing private labeling? Or is driving around each state and scanning all the sale items on Walmart?

How? They are pretty strict with multiple accounts

What’s he selling? I’ve done fba and now just do drop shipping. My gf runs the store and it makes about 7k rev a month and we haven’t even scaled it up yet.


I have a mobile data stick, tablet and computer for each user

Yeah he ordered some plastic shit from China and stuck his logo on it. It was a shitty brand and his website looked like shit too. If I can't out-compete that I'm going to kill myself.

why do people come here to larp?

>Spent $4000 on an Amazon FBA course.
if you googled the course's name you couldve downloaded it for maybe $50 and spent the rest on some hookers

Just copy his product and steal his sales lol

Or even better, get his product made in china and sell on his listing through seller or vendor express lmao

Yeah but I think this one actually gives you more than just information, they give you contacts and a network, and personalized consulting.

If you need personal consulting, I’d love to get some of your money in exchange for my opinions

also if hes making six figures while you make zero and spent 4 grand on some course... then Im not sure whos the brainlet here OP

He spent 4 grand on this course also.

why don't you lardasses go out into the real world and get a real job and work towards a real carreer instead of living this precarious "hustling" life

you people are the digital version of those lunatics that go from one flea market to the next across the country trying to find undervalued rare shit and call it a living

the shit people do to avoid getting a job lmoa

4 grand isn't shit to me, I don't even notice it.


then unironically steal his niche and just do it better if you wanna fuck him over

cucklet logic

My friend makes 200k a year flipping garage sale shit, to this very day. Enjoy your cubicle cuck.

You can do anything you want and you decide on fba lol. Learn a skill that you can show off to people. Create something of value with your bare hands. It will be infinitely more fulfilling.

They have a person fluent in Chinese that goes to china and deals with all the chinks for you. That alone is worth $4k to me.

I’m Chinese and I’ll tell you right now they are making at least 40-50 points off you through there agent lol

Your widget might be 8$ on alibaba or 1688 and they might get it for you at 4$ but you can probably get it for less than 2$ most of the time

The FBA market is very competitive and full of cutthroat chinks and jews who WILL try to sabotage you if they see you getting into their niche or they one day decide to get into yours. Amazon has been slowly fucking over third party sellers over the years with more rules and fees to the point where people are starting to get the hint that their end game is to phase out sellers completely and take over.

>Time to move on to the next scam
At the end of the day your still selling a real product to real people. No amount of algorithm manipulation will help you if your source is shit or your product is a complete dud from the get go.

What are you doing then?

I'm trying to do the initial work to setup passive income so I can do whatever I want. I don't want to just burn through my $850k day by day.

Learn this the hard way now I have to donate 500 units for charity for a tax receipt

fuck people like you srsly.

Do what ever you want OP dont listen to this faggot.

OP, you are a brainlet in the most literal sense.

Cucky cuck cuck
Kidding, honorable wagey here


i started a 3d printing business. i come up with ideas, manufacture them, and sell them to people online. its taken a lot of work but its by far the best decision i've ever made. started as a hobby but now im making good money.

"I have plenty of money" That mentality is how you lose money user. Gl

>I have plenty of money
Yeah, might as well spend it all too.