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Where are we going? Biggest loser in top 100 today, the rebound has been very weak. No news until March, I want do dump my bags while I still can. Any reasons not to?

Accumulate my friend. It is the perfect time.

bros im slowly losing faith. this shit is fucking diving

i had 14k at some point, accumulated to 23k over time and am still down like 50k$ from ath of it LMFAO

Guys I can’t take the pain anymore this shit has to go up. I’m all in at 12 and I wanna jump head first off a building everytime I look at my Blockfolio

holy shit some impatient little moon kiddies ITT

If you believe in the tech, just hold or day trade to accumulate and stop whining

otherwise just dump your bags and move onto another coin where you can buy high and sell low

fucking idiots

I bought high af but i bought it for a long term hold, so its way to early to think about dumping

had sold 15k during the summit
sold the other 15k last night

no wallet, mainnet launched without token, not on korean exchanges and the price was $12. hold it anons, don't sell low.

Stay strong bizbros

W8 u fucking retards, if you have money right now, buy some more and if you don't. Sit tight. The market went up way to fast for itself and now is its downfall. When something goes up this fast, it goes down just as fast. Now please if you're a weak handed pussy, sell your icon bags so I can get it even cheaper. Ty

Signals discord I'm in just gave a short term up signal for ICX

4x moon mission they said.
w-w-w-would you like a plastic straw with your beverage s-s-s-s-si-si-s-s-s-s-sir

t. buy high sell low

Thanks just bought 100k.

but biz said they were going to announce partnership with samsung kek

buy high sell low, you know the drill anons

Wew lads this is brutal

fuk yes perfect time to get into ICX
ill happily buy your bags gentleman just hop on binance and sell right now lmao


>we're heading below 5k sats
this can't be real holy shit

make it stop

b-b-but it's such a promising tech! why are we down 20%

Sold before this crash... going to buy again when it reaches $3,00.

lol anons.

there are going to be some serious wojacks by the end of feb if you're not in this coin.

how low can it go


ICX vending machine in action

Went below stoploss of the signal so nevermind

Pretty cool but seems a bit slow right now.

guys are still hodling altcoins? lol
tether up idiot, make more profit.

it keeps going down

I just bought in, even if it doesn't moon I can make decent profit off of a bounce just like neo

someone just bought 26k icx


>bought in at 2.50
>never spent any fiat
>believe in the tech

I'm holding all the way to hell.

you literaly bought the bottom

all in. have some sort of mental disorder and cant diversify.

i wont panic sell even if we reach ico price of 11 cents.

either i make it with this shit and escape the hell u call wagecucking or ill ride it to hell

go for it faggots. try me i used to care but now that im down 150k you can go dump this gook coin straight to 0 and see if i give a fuck

we are all going to make it spergbro

No worries, I'm just keeping accumulating. Soon top100. Please sell more.



If you bought ICX for long term, you’re retarded if you sell now. If you bought ICX for short term, you’re retarded for buying it for short term.

this is going to be a rough year for us :(

congrats you did good

Name of girl in pic plz?

I bought about 3000 of them during the ICO and sold off about 2700 between then and the summit on the 31st, with most of that around the 31st.

I'm just holding my last $1700 or so in ICX for the next year or two waiting for it to go up.


Cool, guess ill grab a coke if i ever visit korea. HAAAAHAHAAAAH it fucking hurts.


good time to buy


Goddamn this is cheap right now. Roughly the same price now as it was 23rd December

Just chill bro, you already made it.

You'll be a multimillionaire by eoy, no doubt about it.

Dont even mean to FUD but all you ICX guys seem to miss one big point that it hit the market very overvalued.

How much more can it grow? It was hovering in 2 billion market cap. ok maybe x2 from the top, that would take it to 4 which is already pretty insane.

Ouch. Looks like it's going to $2.

Just hodl, everything will turn out fine for this coin.

im buying the shit out of this right now
$100 by EOY screen cap this faggots

This, not to mention ICX has fucking 380 million in circulating supply.

Sell the news.

this is probably the most hated coin in the world right now

Give it to me straight bois, is this shitcoin gonna make a comeback?

If this goes to $2 I'm buying $5k worth, that's a steal.

I just woke up. The good news is that I sold my ICX for ETH yesterday and set a buy order which enabled me increase my holdings by 20%. The bad news is that it keeps dropping.

nigger icon shits on most top 20 coins. it has a finished product and real world life application. what does ada have?

even fucking tron is above it

>that's a steal
Everything and nothing is, that's the problem with cryptos.

Hate to be this cuck, but I am buying. I bought most of my stack at 4100 Sat so I am not dead yet. It is getting ugly though and that is the time to buy