New numbers & rewards released

Current lowest price on a number: 0.0010ETH - reward goes as high as 7.77ETH for holding numbers.

Have fun

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Cheap floor. Very nice

yeah, holding the new numbers 49,51,53 seems like a good way to go. 2ETH price

Gonna pick up those later for sure

That's my plan lol, you can go pick up number 42(0) blaze it

But it's the same shit as those other sites, so if you buy it now then you'll make money off others buying it off you until it reaches 2 ETH and is no longer guaranteed to make you money when the timer runs off?

Yeah, it's a hot potato game. The rewards given for holding certain numbers is brilliant though

Pretty genius move honestly. Just wondering if this one is new or why those numbers haven't been touched when they're guaranteed to make you money until the 2 eth mark.

Not many people know of the site yet. No marketing etc

They are working on the marketing though. Also a korean/chinese translation of the site

whoa its going fast

Thats awesome. Could male huge boost

that is super nice. tons of marketing

its slowing down. people only buying the new ones rip. someone get the fun going grab 0 or 1 or 10, 100 , 1000

Lol, the exact same setup/website as Ethergems. Must have been after the owner ran out of gems and posted Thots and Whoas for purchase.

yup its like and reward system would do quite well

the chinese loves their numbers!!

Yeah, it will blow up once they add these translation and gets the site out on the chinese/korean market

I don't understand this, so we buy the numbers and? Hope for someone else to buy the numbers off us?
>The address holding number 42 will receive number 420 priced at 4.2ETH
It says this atm, but there is no number 42 right now? Huh?

So there's no reward for any others besides the ones listed at the top? Ending with 49, 51, 53?

just made $50 off this

They're not in order. And yeah, you're basically hoping to not be the guy left holding the last bag, but there's an added incentive in that some of the numbers have a guaranteed payout.

what the fuck is this post
youre not fooling anyone

How are they guaranteed user?

i think it changes when timer runs out and new requirements and new rewards

Yes, rewards are changing when timer runs out