Give me ONE (1) good reason why the US couldn't settle its debts by threatening to nuke other countries if they didn't...

Give me ONE (1) good reason why the US couldn't settle its debts by threatening to nuke other countries if they didn't absolve us of our debt?

By that same token domestic inflation could be lowered as well.

that you don

I was going to reply seriously but OP is likely too retarded to understand

>USA is the only country that has nukes

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Foreigners only own 1/3 of US debt. If they decide to screw anyone over it will be their own citizens most likely.

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Because even if you nuked everyone the debts would pass on to their estates. Take an accounting course user.

Maybe... NUKES DON'T EXIST !?!?

No, I meant forcing them to make the debts look paid in their books.

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The US has pretty much a perfect credit history. They will always pay back loans.

It would make us the enemy of all of our creditors and most of their allies which is a bad long-term strategy.

Here's what really should happen:
1) US government creates Americoin
2) Does ICO
3) Get billions of dollars from gullible investors
4) Pay off debts with Americoin

I wouldn't be surprised if half the current American eligble ICOs are in fact just FBI run get rich quick schemes to lower the national debt by tricking gullible 'investors' into buying fake money

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Ruins the reputation of the country. No one will ever loan me money again if I threaten to nuke instead of just paying.

then we threaten to nuke unless they give us money

Using more than 10 or 15 nukes at once will permanently screw up the earth.

>why doesn’t the USA just steal all the money from all other countries of the world by conquering them?

I live in a country that also have nukes.

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because all it takes to break the us is for these countries that own trillions in dollars to just send those dollars back to the us, and out currency gets devalued to nothing overnight

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>us threatens to nuke countries
>countries call their bluff because there's no way they're going to start a nuclear war over debts
>us still has to pay back debts but loses all credibility and standing in the international community
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We're not a a nigger country, user. Much like the Lanisters, we always pay our debts.


>US nuked China
>China and Russia nuke US
>UK nukes Russia
>France nukes UK
>India and Pakistan nuke each other
>North Korea accidentally nukes themselves
>Now Israel is the only country left with nukes.

That'll do wonders for the world economy. Great plan, OP.

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>gets rekt by badly beaten-up war-weary German Wehrmacht in '44, in Hurtgenwald and Ardennes
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>still gets rekt by Taliban on a regular basis, cna't even fully control Afghanistan after 17 years of occupation
>US-trained Iraqi divisions fled from a handful of ISIS fanatics in 2014
>brags about occupying literally whos like Panama and Grenada as strategic victories

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It's a fact that America turned the tide of WW2.

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>A-america turned the tide of WW2


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Meh, America COULD have turned the tide of WW2, if we had sided with Hitler. But by joining Russia all we did was join in on the beatdown, and make sure the Soviets didn't take over too much of Europe.