I'm really considering going all in on NANO. It's already 70% of my portfolio...

I'm really considering going all in on NANO. It's already 70% of my portfolio. But it's the only coin where I believe it could truly reach top 5 by EOY.

Good or bad idea, Veeky Forums?

yeah dude go for it

No wait for the FUD to peak a bit more. Discord NEETs not done fudding it yet

>Going all in on a coin.

Better hedge your bet by placing 10% into DGD.

terrible idea! don't do it man... massive regret in your future if you do.

>can't use it to pay for anything
>no other use

what's the point of holding this?

Weak FUD, shoo shoo stinky linky

That's a particularly good argument against all corrent coins.

Adoption sucks dick even for bitcoin. Don't get me started on anything else.

Development team frequents this board and pumps the coin to unload on normies. If you're a normie, go for it.

By this logic, it's one of the best options.

It exists solely to transfer value, and at least you can do wallet to wallet transfers with it better than any other crypto at the moment. Truly free and near-instantaneous.

Most projects are ambitious as fuck with only a whitepaper and some code, scams, or bogged down to hell because they aren't scaling.

yea that's exactly why I'm in, normies will buy the shit out of this

Yes you get it! The team practically is built around marketing to normies. The tech is good if it holds up. All the FUD around it makes no sense other than to crash the price for a better entry point

They kinda already did. Wasn't the price just 9 cents back in November? What is that, like a x144, or a 14,400% in 3 months ?

>But it's the only coin where I believe it could truly reach top 5 by EOY.
OP, you might want to sit down for this. What if I told you that some coins already are in the top 5?

Normies weren’t buying it

From ATH, a x388, or 38,800% increase...and neets still believe this coin is undervalued? They can't be that stupid, but I'm probably wrong.

Do it! Eaven CNBC shilled it, also the Binance withdraw fee is 0.01nano , add ti that its ultra fast and you dont need to be a genious to see that everyone will bè using this fora rbitrage and for moving money between exchanges

Maybe one day it could be adopted for paying shit (guy from PayPal is working on a nano payment processor)

normally I would say it's good, but seems like bitcoin is going straight to 0 and taking everything else down with itself

Kek. Was doing this on Bitgrail when it was the only exchange. There was a $2 gap between the ETH and BTC trading pairs. Didn't even need another exchange. Sold my stack in the 30s though.

Ye, im sure people are so fed up by using xlm or xrp and paying those fractions of cents.

Stay deluded

never go all in OP, 70% is already good enough. what else are you holding?

Why pay 5c when you can pay zero?

Stellar's transaction fee is 0.00001 XLM ($0.0000038)
Not sure about XRP

People don’t enjoy making transactions and seeing decimals go away.

set an 12 dollar buy order to be on the safe side, it might go to 10, but if you're not trying to drive yourself crazy, its a good set and forget target.


i was 100% all in XRB because i thought it was going to be very useful in the crypto space for FEELESS arb. i thought maybe its growth in the crypto world would eventually spill over into real world use(after many years)

but binance and kucoin charge withdraw fees, despite the network being feeless. and this kills all chances at a feeless arb coin and thus i cant imagine a future where NANO(lol) is useful.

kept 100 coins just incase, but i pretty sure this coin will just bleed

What’s stopping them from making nano fee-less in the future? Binance already dropped nano withdrawal from 1 nano to .001

go for it