70% DOWN!

70% DOWN!

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This are about to get real fucking gross real quick


Still up 3x

For what, bitcoin?

So when is the fucking market going to recover?


only if you're a newfag who bought at ATH

Im down a disgusting amount, but still made more than my entire IRA has done for me since I created one 15 years ago...

Im still buying.

I'm so fucking salty I can't buy this dip

You had the chance to get out but you wouldn't listen.
Next stop 200

>mfw buying the dip
holy fucking shit

I see classic dead cat arcs on every timescale. No one will survive this.

How to predict dead cat arcs, as opposed to recovery? Low volume numbers?


Ass soon ass the chineses and americans pay their taxes.

no, the dead cat was to 17k you autist

>there can only be exactly one dead cat bounce

>The last great shakedown before the flipping
>Complaining about being down
You're sitting at the beginning of a new era with the death of an old, cash out and buy back when BTC hits 1k itll still be the trading standard for alts but its cash ratio is the lowest its been in over a year (2?).
your shitcoin at 1300 sats will still be around there so you can buy much more

Will the JUSTing ever end?? Can it just crash in one day, and then start recovering? Why does it have to be so LONG AND PAINFUL

>Back at my initial investment

Meh. It`ll go up eventually.

F u biz th biz f u buzz fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

googled your picture. Found this:

They’re going to drop it down to at least 4K before pumping again. Gotta make sure to ruin all the suckers who got in due to greed and FOMO this round so they can abuse and entirely new batch of suckers in the next one.

I'm down 40% but still up 3x overall. Not holding shitcoins though.