I am seriously admiring this. Beautiful. Just perfect.

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I'll be honest, I fell for every stage.

It's incredible, isn't it? Right to the small little bumps.

Memechart strikes again

This chart doesn't make any sense. "A recovery is possible" is actually BTC hitting a new all time high.

>he thinks bitcoin will go 6k ever
its ok the daycare willl take of you billy

between denial and panic.

Yea, because of that flaw I guess everything doesn't make any sense.

It's like pottery

>he thinks Bitcoin will go to 10k ever
>he thinks Bitcoin will go to 9k ever
>he thinks Bitcoin will go to 8k ever

I can't believe anybody is STILL trying to refute this.

Yeah, I guess panic sets in if we break the bottom of last dip at around $7.6k. Would be fun to watch.

Illuminati were right

Fuck goys, is this the end.

>he didnt buy bitcoin at 5 zenny
>he didnt buy bitcoin at 14 gil
>he didnt buy bitcoin at 80gp

nocoiners btfo
go shit on a street

Lol bitcoin should be called bait coin



It's seriously amazing how accurate it is. I wouldn't believe it if I weren't seeing this myself.

Is that a superimposition of the bubble pattern with the actual trajectory of BTC over the past 6 months?

Whats the price in the anger phase so I will buy back?

50 to maybe 200

>overlooking self-similarity

Yes, that's exactly what it is. Isn't it fascinating?

Nobody knows really...could be anywhere between $1k-$6k

Just wait for the next bubble and sell the top next time

>not knowing that fractal behavior occurs at all time scales simultaneously

Me too except I cashed out half at the anxiety pump because it was too close to this meme. Just waiting for the bottom now.

im sorry user, but this time, btc is ogre

some dont see it, tried to warn them on 21 dec aswell

someome post the image where this meme chart fits the last 10 crashes

There you go, you can stop spamming buzzwords now.

Wow, nearly everybody responded with anger or passive-aggressiveness/sarcasm

they are ignorant idiots, i remember trying to convince them on a thread around 22 december for a few hours to warn them, some listened, but there are a lot of idiots out here

you probably could've called the "top" a few times during that runup desu

>tfw you exited BTC for ETH on dec.10 in anticipation of futures trading but BTC going down tanks the whole market anyway

I used to be a 100% Bitcoin hodler. Luckily, I tried moving my BTC at the beginning of December and my tx got stuck for ten days. That was my "oh shit" moment, and I sold it all at about 17k.


This "chart" has been repeated like 4 or 5 times just this year. You know what followed.

nope i actually didnt, this was my first call and it was apparentally right. Been here since august, but have never made a call before that.
I was the idiot that thought the bullrun on BTC must come to a hold sometime and kept holding my alts through the huge btc bullrun. Was shitty.

Glad u liked my chart OP

yeah I'm just saying looking at the chart, you could've justifiably thought that the bubble was popping at 11k, 13k, 16k, 19k. volatility in btc is so high that any big dumpoff like that is just the order of the day

We're currently in the chasm phase after early adopters rush in and overvalue the market on a speculative basis. The chasm lasts as long as it takes for the technology to accumulate real world value.

yep, multi-year bear market incoming

So whats the timeline for this meme chart? When are we going back up?

2 years

in a few years when crypto starts to have real-world value:

Crypto will never have any real world value and you know it.
So if you believe in this bullshit chart, you're fucked.

"why did the (((government))) allow this to happen" = "why did (((god))) allow this to happen"

I'm not saying it's over forever; just that this dip probably still has a way to go.

you could have but i didnt, i called it when i saw the smart money sell-off just before the top, where you see a flash-dip. Thats the moment when i saw the resemblance and the accuracy of it. before i didnt call it because there wasnt a lot to go on, chinafud was the beartrap but you couldnt call the top yet.

I agree, 2 years until some faggot like mcafee convice everybody that this going to be 1m per btc, I posted here

What we need to remember though is that this is still the early adoption phase and following this model the crypto market would be worth exponentially more by the time we reach early majority adoption.

You've been saying that every day for the past six years and you have yet to be right. Maybe one day you'll eventually call it, but odds aren't looking good.

no, it will have real-world value. just give it a few years. the market will grow MUCH more slowly though. I expect us to hit around 200b market cap in the last leg of this panic, then sit there for a year or two before it starts going up again.

this, just buy the dip if you have fiat left then hodl for 3 years and sell the top next time

Maybe, but I don't think it will happen this week.
It really surprises me that a strong support such as 8k (said to be the bottom for months) led to a such a small recovery. Me thinks this is a double bottom and this week will be good for gains.

It won't be two years it'll take two months. Millionaires are probably salivating at a second chance to grt in.


Your denial is cute desu chan :3

I have enjoyed the entire ride. I just felt bad that I didn't actually invest during the smart money phase

>no, it will have real-world value.
You are deluded. The only useful bit of technology are being moved onto private blockchains. Meanwhile cryptocurrency is getting banned in every country one by one.
The only real use crypto ever had is to wash money, buy drugs and diddle kiddies, and the governments don't like that.

Mt. Gox wasn't the bear trap and that wasn't the smart money phase. It was still like a penny stock at the time. A startup looking for some adapters to lend it some legitimacy. It wasn't until 2017 that it made the transition from penny stock to big boy stock. You can pretty much ignore everything before that point because that's when normies started talking about Bitcoin.

user... That's coming up again soon..

where is it banned? moer and more countries are starting to recognize it

this basically

IT spergs scamed ppl of their money via ICOs, which temporarly gave useless shit named ETH some speculative value bcs everybody went on to search for le next bitcoin (fucking refereum has 100k ppl in telegram group). Every token is fucking useless ilusion for user to JUST HODL IT when in reality they are all just money grabs and speculative ponzi schemes/bags


>this again

Yeah clearly we're well past institutional investors
I mean shit, look at all the institutional investors

Theres uhh that one visa partnership that is in testing stages
And also that Kodak ICO!

Yeah we are well past institutional investors, pack it up lads

Already banned in half of South America and the whole North Africa.
Banned partially in US and will be banned completely after tomorrow's hearing, will be banned in EU after G20.

How am I in denial? I'm saying you can discount the previous recoveries because it was still a stuttering project launch at the time.

>Corporate suits are super smart and never test partnerships with failed ideas/products.
Found the MBA.

I've known about it for years. It was a popular subject on /g/ for a while discussing mining it. I set up a coinbase account in 2016. I just didn't see it ever getting popular because it isn't pegged to any real world value. I now can afford to buy ethereum and buy other blockchain tech such as Walton or Link. I'm kind of glad it crashed so we can start to make real investments

Beautiful, indeed. Specially if you apply it to a civilization considered as a whole.

>hurr its not a bubble until Ahmed the camelrider isnt invested

I would say near $3000 but as low as $800

I am literally holding to $0. No joke, at all, and I have a portfolio over $200,000.

>gay grandpas cocksucking and always dying stock market vs pic related

its clear who wins

>psychology of investors is different bcs cryptos are not muh boomer stocks

I think that chart has the order wrong. The public should come before institutional investors I would say. I don't think institutional investors have got their hands too dirty yet. But every bootlickin mong has a lite coin cause it's way cheaper than bitcorn!
Whether or not thats a good thing, I don't know. Maybe the institutional investors will never come

Just remember that there were many ups and downs during the "smart money phase".
I for instance lost 6 BTC on Mt. Gox.
Was I an idiot for leaving 6 BTC on Mt. Gox?
Sure, but at the time I left them there they were only worth a total of ~$600 and I hadn't been paying attention to the market in the months leading up to the crash.
Many people owned literally 1000s of BTC back in the days when they were worth $1-5 a piece, but lost them or deleted their wallets without realising the potential their coins actually had.
Lots of people gave up on BTC after 2014, etc.

It’s just greed. No value.
The wages of sin is death.

>Literally banned in several pajeet countries that don't mean jackshit on the world scale.

Just give it time and they'll cave

Bitcoin will never have real world value because a currency that permanently experiences deflation cannot function as a currency in the first place. When the market finally realizes this, this giant bubble will collapse.

Some of the other cryptos with low inflation built into the system may actually make it into currencies, however.


Dogecoin will rise supreme.


finally. there needs to be a 2% inflation rate every year at least for a currency to work and to keep in check volatility,demographics and prices

>deflation hurts debtors
>hurting debtors hurts jewish lenders
>hard working savers get rewarded
>prices fall relative to fixed salary
>falling prices means less need for jewish lenders
>deflation is evil...?

would you ever take out a mortgage in bitcoin when you knew that what was originally, say, $200,000 worth of debt might turn into $3.4 million worth a year later?

You aren't wrong, but I think the MG crash was a different phenomenon. There was a reason it crashed.

I wonder if people will study the trading at it's ATH and learn anything from it?

Is investing like 600$ once bit coin crashes some more a bad idea?

I'm sure that Bitcoin will keep being relevant and growing because the decentralization factor, this is a social matter not well explored and in my opinion it's underated.

People don't like to be ruled by the state and financial corporation, BTC it's solution for you escape all this.

No, its cheap now despite all the FUD.

Unlikely you would lose money buying now - especially if youre willing to hold longer term (months instead of days)

Do you honestly think the miners are going to keep mining when it no longer has any financial incentive? They're going to pull the plug. The exchanges won't be able to complete their transactions, and it will all be caught up in limbo.

>don't buy the dip!

The bounce is going to be insane. Price is way out of equilibrium (look at almost any indicator) and we are going to see a bounce very soon. Once people realize BTC is on the way back up money is going to flood in due to FOMO.

1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin dummy

If you were to take out a mortgage in Bitcoin you'd have to pay it in Bitcoin. In that scenario you'd be working for bitcoin

I'm fine with destroying usury.

Would you need to take out a mortgage if prices weren't grossly inflated? My dad paid for college by working a fucking summer job... Inflation is a jewish trick my friend

yeah its better to be ruled by retarded corenerds and money skellys

a jewish trick to prevent economic stagnation because even the jewiest of jewry requires a functional economy underneath to actually achieve it's jewy goals.

>prices constantly fall
>your currency buys more and more stuff the more you wait
>Why spend it?
It's called a liquidity trap. The bitcoin economy is stuck in it permanently. Very few people actually buy and sell stuff with bitcoins, and you could argue those that use it to buy stuff are actually idiots.

Like that Swedish guy who bought an apartment with bitcoins in 2011. If he had kept them today he would be a millionaire.

well, until now this guys were able to make people much more wealthy than many govs

you really think that anyone would be able to make the amount of money that they did in the last year by some government program? of course not