Oh fuck man

We're about to crack 7k
Shit is about to hit the fan.

oh look its fucking nothing

Can't wait till 4k. I'll go all in with about $150k




Yes please

No LARP. But im in the process of selling my house, my car my everything. Going all fucking in if we reach 1-5k ......granted, BTC wont do anything for a few years....i'll just sit and wait....fuck me my dick gets hard as diamonds thinking about this


GDAX is like the MOST NORMAN EXCHANGE on this planet
of course its the lowest there because only retards use anything from coinbase
its their only way to exit

>GDAX is like the MOST NORMAN EXCHANGE on this planet
yea thats true dude
But I go off bitfinex and we are very close to cracking into 7k range

If you had any goddamn sense you’d go in that way on XLM or something. Even ETH.

Bitcoin is swirling the drain, dude. It’s a gimpy horse that’s never going to walk right again.

Coinbase lets people get out to actual $ instead of usdt... remember?

if he was smart hed diversify, getting btc at a huge discount isn't enough to moon anymore even if it does do well

>look my highly sophisticated red lines on a chart say the floor is 8k. It literally can’t go lower than that!

None said 8k was the floor chimp

>coinbase is the only place where you can sell btc for FIAT
absolute state of coin fags

t. Triggered meme line enthusiast


Don't worry, user. I believe you

Maybe. But if BTC hits 2k why wouldn't you just load up on BTC?

When you're about to invest real money into an asset and your initial investment would be pretty high you have to be damn sure the product youre buying is going to succeed.

Kek made me think of pic related