omfg. woke up this morning, laptop acting weird slow, notice icons and desktop are different. Brave browser nowhere, antivirus gone, ARK AND DAEDALUS GONE! Windows now installed on a different drive.

Go to my downloads coz I download almost everyday - last download in Feb 2017. WTFF everything since then is gone!!! how the fuck can this happen?

>he stores his precious internet coins on a computer connected to the internet

do you have restoration points?

might be more helpful

>uses windows
>doesn't even have backups
Like pottery.

did you do anything online the day before, did you click any links? At least give us a lesson from your mistake

Didn't even use my laptop as we're moving into a new place. Was unpacking and unloading all day

>using windows
u might want to read the TOS where windows is allowed to examine and alter every file on your computer. you asked for this brainlet. next time install gentoo

...and somebody spoke and you went into a dream.

I know exactly what happened, your Windows 10 copy did a restore point back in 2017, your OS did a fatal error out of his ass and had the great idea to restore that backup, which makes post even better

You lost everything by the way

What version of windows? I know that 8 and 10 have this "feature" where it automatically connects to open networks without telling you. So, possibly you didn't turn off your laptop properly, so it was still "on" in your bag or whatever and you drove past an open network. Its obvious what happens from there.

>the current state of turtle fags





Piece of shit software

>brave Browser
Kek, well done alpha tester

You sir are the meme of stupid money

>your OS did a fatal error out of his ass and had the great idea to restore that backup
is this even allowed? Fucking hell.

sorry OP but you shouldve thought about this before using Windows 10 for even a day

>muh macfags XD

Lmao i'm comfy. All my files are automatically backed up through time machine and my OS just WORKS, ya know. It'd never do anything sketchy like your Winblows hacked garbage comp that basically erased your entire digital life the last year hahahahaha

those were shit coins anyway

Betting this goy didn't have any wallets on USB backup or phrases written down in a safe place.

Windows 10 IS the worst OS right now in the market after all

>Brave browser

You’ve probably been logged into a different profile - sign out then in again.

V1709 Windows update royally fucked many machines like this

This is why I am still using windows 7. I can still handle it like my own property.