GF is going to kill me

>buy into crypto Dec 8th, make sick gains (almost 10x portfolio) in exactly one month
>talk about it with my gf
>she has her cute 1000 dollars spare cash laying around
>she wants to invest too
>say sure, make deal that we cash out her 10x profits in summer and go on all-inclusive one month vacation on Hawaii and for that I'll buy us a house in 2019
>invest her 1000$ into mostly mid cap alts
>market crashes
>her fiat folio value around 400 dollars right now
>telling her everything is fine and already 2k or something. "I don't even look desu, girl."
>look at charts every 2 minutes

Fuck my life, help me out Veeky Forums. I had almost 20k at some point, now scratching on those 8k in my folio.

What do I do? How do I make a fucking 25x until summer with her remaining money? She will sue and leave me for sure when she finds out right now....

I somehow managed to sell her the idea that only bitcoin tanked and that I picked better coins but all the shitcoins dumped even harder


just get a job nigger

You still profited right?
I don`t see the problem
Just give her her 1k back and that`s it?

post nudes of your gf then kill yourself
you did this you and your greed i hope she ditches you accuses you of rape takes everything you have and gets plowed by niggers every night from now


try losing 80k+ on loan.

at least dont fuck up the construction of the helium hood...

Just be patient user

take the $400 and dump her.

Yeah I am still in profit but won't cash out now because basically I am all or nothing at this point. I can't just give her the 1000 dollars later though, she will think I scammed her or something. She already told friends and family about thw vacation like a total retard, I was 50/50 joking about that anyways. Is holding until summer gonna be enough?

Uh, take 1K out now (because you have 8K) and let it sit until this shit is over.

are you...retarded?

>take x and do all the work, then provide me with gains, boo; in return, I promise to occasionally indulge you with unimaginative, robotic intercourse and incur additional expenses greatly exceeding your modest lifestyle

Thanks bog, always gives the best advice.

>How do I make a fucking 25x until summer with her remaining money?
1. Buy drugs
2. Cut drugs
3. Sell drugs
4. Repeat

You are the retard for making false promises. Now act like a man.
Tell her that you lost most of her money and repay her back from your own. If she gives you shit just dump her and move on.

Its your fault for not warning her that she could lose it all in a second you fucking tard.

Just HOLD you fucking new faggot holy fuck and you will make it back god i fucking hate faggots like you that are so scared. The market is a LONG TERM THING to look at it doesnt need to go up 100% a day you fucking nitwit faggot god fucking damnit I would kill you irl if I fucking knew you such a pansy ass little faggot stop looking at the price and just fucking hold like you hold your tiny dick at night scared of daddy

Just give her the 1k back ffs she can`t possibly be that retarded to get mad at you for not 10x her money.
And who the fuck cares as long as you profited you are good to go don`t make imaginary goals like muh vacation and shit like that even if you made 1$ profit from crypto congrats

Post her FB and some nudes I will sent you 0.5 BTC

You are a greedy fuck and deserve what you get.

She's actually a decent gf who cooks and cleans shit up, my life quality is dramatically higher with her and she isn't really demanding. I guess it's love or some shit, I just wanted to give something back big time. Now I stole her money and lost it.

What I would do is cash out the initial investment and her 1k the rest is pure profit so who cares if you lose it
Like she logically cant get mad at you as long as you didn`t lose money

Crying over $600. Poor larp user

You're probably right about that...


then disregard the memes, I'm happy for you two
she does know what she bought into? you must've explained it to her, right?
even if you keep her low on info, don't you think she'll react to clickbait bubble articles?
better preempt that reaction and tell her what's going on, what are her options going forward and what you recommend
if the love is real it'll make your relationship better, if not, nice bullet dodge down the line

just tell her the truth faggot and then cash out 2-3k and buy her the free vacation you promised her and everything will be fine.

you are a retard if you think you were going to mortgage a house using crypto gains you had not even got yet to pay for it anyways

If you explain to her that you're not some magic boi who can see the future and control the markets she surely will understand

give her the money bac