In your experience, either dealing with or living near them, are renters subhumans?

In your experience, either dealing with or living near them, are renters subhumans?

I have a guy renting a room from me, he's cool.

Yes. I bought and rented out a condo. I tried to be fair and rented to whoever was the first approved applicant. I ended up being screwed over ~3 times. Then I started choosing the right kind of people and throwing the other apps in the trash and I havent had a single issue in 6+ years.

>right kind of people

How to tell?

>tfw you are a renter

the more you charge for rental the less of a hassle.

I rent a studio apartment and it seems like some of the tenants are pretty subhuman. Like this guy couldn't believe my apartment was clean and uncluttered. Thought he was judt being nice but when I saw his place he had it packed wall to wall with needlessly large dressers, furniture, etc. and it stank like an ashtray.

Another tenant just had their bed on the ground and didn't have a desk, only place to sit was a shitty futon. I really don't understand how it is possible to live like that. The first guy spends like ten bucks a day on coke, candy bars and cigarettes too.

Makes me feel pretty fucking brilliant by comparison, until I realize I am renting a fucking studio apartment instead of owning a home.

never rent to niggers, spics, or other assorted shitskins

>tfw me too, i just live near crackheads and single mothers

t. Lifelong californian that cant afford to leave

White or Asian.

renters? like literally every single person in their 20s and 30s? what are you a shutin idiot or just a 13 year old?


Dont know why you overreacting m8 but a lot of adults that age own homes, maybe not you or me.

Professional single mothers with 1 kid. I rented to some guy who recently got out of jail and thought I was doing a good deed. He stopped paying rent, then utilities, and by the time I got the unit back he was had been still "living in it" with no running water so the place was filthy and disgusting. Tried renting to some 40s couple after that and they were like professional rent scammers. They had a long list of evictions under slightly different versions of their names.

This. I was charging like $650 trying to make things affordable and well taken care of. Its now $750/mo.

Owning a home isn’t typically a smart investment. It depends on your financial situation and the market. You can usually find better cash on cash returns elsewhere

Explain to me how a downpayment + monthly payment equal to or often less than typical apartment rent is not a good investment? You litetally are throwing money into a black hole when you rent.

t. person living in his mom's basement

Yeah we are scumbags
I am a renter and haven't paid my rent for approximately 2 months now

There is no reason I haven't paid, I have money, I just don't bother because its funny to me that my landlord thinks I give a shit about his shitty rental

Also, I don't even open the letters, straight in the trash! Landlords and other such rent-seekers are scumbags and deserve the slow death. No man needs more than one home.

This sums it up
2/3 of tenants are decent people, 1/3 are absolute trash
Race doesn't matter. Ratio of shit people rises significantly with blacks of course, but ultimately you will end up with a profound hatred for humanity unless you screen heavily
A non-zero amount of poor people are poor because they're objectively terrible people, and project that onto the rest of the world
Laws benefit renters and the scumbags know it, it's the one part of their sad life where they have power - and god, does it get ugly when you give a sad cunt even a little bit of power

Im not sure whats worse being a basement dweller with everything you need, except for the motivation to go out and do something with your life or renting a place that sucks your income away with the possibility of loneliness, debt and a few other things.

meh fuck knows, I need to get a job.

The hatred should be self directed
Rent seekers are scum
Buy to let landlords are worse than niggers

>Race doesn't matter. Ratio of shit people rises significantly with blacks of course
I think what you're your trying to say is that race does matter but even being white is no guarantee...

>are renters subhumans?
Yes. Have to deal with my parent's renters all the time. They never follow the contract and always leave behind $5000 worth of damage. One was were hicks that left cockroaches and dirty laundry everywhere after they divorced, leaving me to clean up their shit. Don't get into rental business if you hate dealing with people.

Talked with my landlord a few months back. He thanked me for always having paid my rent on time or early. Sounds like he may have some issues. Lots of retirees and people on neetbux in this complex. The two times in the last year that I've had any maintenance problems, he's been on the spot to have them fixed though, so he's clearly not struggling.

Owning a home has a lot of other costs associated with it. There are property taxes which are fairly obvious, then you have to pay every single utility yourself, which is also fairly straightforward and expected.

Then there is the mortgage. Okay, maybe you can get a decent rate on that mortgage, but if you pay the minumum payment on it, you will be effectively paying back nothing on the principle for a long long time because even if you have a low interest rate, that is offset by a high principle.
And there are other risks involved too. What if a bad storm comes in and damages your roof? Now you need to reshingle. Expensive. So you try to do it yourself and realize that you now need to buy all the tools and all the supplies. Sure you will have the tools for the rest of your life, but that up front cost absolutely hurts. Summer time comes and you need to start mowing your lawn every week or two. Do you own a lawnmower? I could go on but you get the point.
So you can rent and save on a lot of these other costs, and invest those savings into things like crypto or other asset classes and grow your wealth but if you actually own a home it could easily carry the opportunity cost that makes additional investing impossible.

I'm not saying that people should never buy, or that it is never advantageous to do so. There is a value that goes into owning a house that I think extends beyond what can be calculated, it feels good. But the water is a little murkier once you start diving into the details. There are a lot of variables and contingencies to consider before you can definitively say it is either good or bad

depends on their skin color

The majority of renters are quite literally subhuman.

t. property manager

>Race doesn't matter.

This is true, but in Canada I find poor immigrants tend to make the best tenants because they just don't want any trouble.

>Rental an area where subhumans dont live.
Both are viable business ventures. I rent a 2bd condo for 2500 in a hip and trendy area near the local gay-town. The nice building garners a high price which keeps the riffraff out.

just have a little common sense when it comes to people. don't rent to niggers or other shitskins. if you think 'omg such blatant racism' then go ahead and learn the hard way. whites and asians are the only people I accept as tenants and it has served me well, if I compare my issues with some stories I hear from people who are less 'selective' than me.

No it doesn't. The most entitled people are low class whites who take advantage of every program, subsidy, etc. and think it's your responsibility to house them.

I had one guy come in and sign a lease which was conditional on paying first and last. The first came and he didn't have it. So I rented to someone else. He said he was going to do this and that and "see his lawyer". Somehow all these losers have lawyers on call lol.

These are all valid points. I'm from a working class family and grew up doing trade work with my brother. I'm a city fag now but would like to buy a house outright or put a large enough downpayment to have a cheap mortgage that I am able to pay off quickly.

Ideally I could rent out one of the rooms to mitigate costs further, with the goal of renting the entire home out eventually.

Where I live (Switzerland) it is literally the norm to rent. Land and real estate is too expensive. And we also have very high wealth tax that makes owning a house quite expensive. In fact it can sometimes be advantageous to take out a mortgage on a house simply to pay less wealth tax.

Im a renter and im subhuman

case closed.

You want to put as little money down as possible. You get 100% of the appreciation with 0 down or with a full cash purchase. A mortgage rate on a 30 year loan is probably around 4%. You should easily be able to get a better return by investing that down payment. You want to focus on cash on cash return. Leverage is the name of the game in real estate.