Bull run

>bull run
>chinks and euros ruin it

Every fucking time.

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murifats ruin it EVERYDAVE you idiot.

muricans are the most dumbed down and degenerate idiots. they fall for every single fud, sell low and then blame it on cryptocurrency .

only murifats are that stupid.



stfu murifat

Everydave I’m sellin

What bullrun? lol

Americans are the wholes crashing the market.
Its always the americans. You dumb fucking brain dead burgers just blame it on Europeans and Asians.

Trump needs to ban crypto in burgerville asap


most of the dumb money has come out of korea and america right now which makes perfect sense.

not that it matters long term though.

europoors are like 5% of the market lmfao

You just pulled that number straight out of your ass.
Shut your dumb fat mouth burger.
You guys just cant stop being dumb it amazes me.

I'm an American. Last night I went to bed in the Green.

Woke up in the Red.

Explain that you fucking faggot Europeans.

>'what' run?
I guess you overestimated the market

Everydave boyos


we call you euroPOORS for a reason, kys cashlet

So then explain how you don't crash the market when you fat slobs own a majority of it.

Eurofags always ruin it. Chinks usually pump tho. Eurofags are weak because the optimists with big balls sailed away from their shitty countries centuries ago to live in the New World. The ones who stayed in EU are weak faggots.



>changing the topic when confronted with the fact that he's a retard
i'd expect nothing less from a europoor

this unironically

Not an argument.
Subhuman mutt can't even defend himself.

europeans doesn't even have enough money in crypto to influence price that much.

you fucking retarded muricans are so delusional. fuck you ignorant degeneragtes.

look at your shithole country, the movie idiocracy is REAL!

le 5% mcap face