For faggots still fudding LINK

This is Sergey over 3 years ago when Ethereum barely existed talking about valuation of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. This guy knows what he's doing more than anyone in the crypto game right now. But sure go chase the next bitconnect pump coin or buy mobius with CEO going "moon soon lambos hehe".

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They're not ready

The company will be a success. Fundamental value of the token can't pass a few bucks. Don't get greedy faggot.

His full profile.

This man is a national treasure

All I'm getting from this is that I should buy more eth. Link doesn't do shit currently.

Great find op.

ChainLink enables real world usage of smart contracts. It's what currently all blockchains need.

What you meant to type:

ChainLink is supposed to enable real world usage of smart contracts. But it has no working product yet.

if link goes passed a couple bucks it defeats the purpose of the token

quality post, thank you user

check out pic related, i love it

Sergey is too ugly to make it and Rory is too busy having his wife get fucked by black people.

What do you mean?

>Fundamental value of the token can't pass a few bucks.

I don't necessarily disagree, but this will drive the speculative value to well over $10, at a minimum.

Looking at other answers he says he cofounded SAE, let's see how that's doing.

When crypto as a whole dies and BTC is $10 each LINK will be the one and only crypto that achieves real world usage and value and rises from the ashes.
LINK #1 by EOY

Please don't tell me you consider that a working product.

It's literally eth with user accounts and a PDF upload, fucking lel.

link $1000 EOY

Muh liteneeeng buttwerk

>But it has no working product yet.
are you really this much of a brainlet, or just shitposting?

To be fair LINK did a working POC for SWIFT at sibos and had a working ruby testnet since november.
Now we're just waiting for the golang mainnet initial implementation and after that the product is pretty much finished.

Beautifully written. Sergey has inspired me to lead a better life.

Weak handed faggots take note of line 2

As far as I can tell SmartContract is not schedulded to present at SIBOS 2018

This is actually a good thing. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

>many smart, intrinsically motivated and honorable people fail because they refuse to "seek the truth"
sergey confirmed redpilled as fuck


Late October 2018 is a long way off. Who knows what will happen. If they were scheduled it would all but confirm SWIFT's use of the ChainLink network.

They wouldn't announce a partnership without mainnet online

I'm not trying to fud and would be interested to know how early it was publically available info that smartcontract was presenting at sibos 2017

Again, I'll ask, how is this significantly worse than XRP and why does it get so much shit, when XRP has an almost endless supply?

We won't know until the list of exhibitors gets announced.


They aren't even remotely similar.

link has absolutely zero similarities with xrp

>guy knows about crypto and smartcontracts in 2010
>too lazy to make his own product
>waits for someone else to build the platform
>makes a token on platform
>revered a genius by NEETs because he reflects their outlook on life (coasting).

You made the guy rich, literally gave him 32million....holy fuck

how to tell who the plebbit faggots are.


>implying this isnt the level of one that went beyond the redpill

He's right though