What went wrong with nano?

What went wrong with nano?

Just a lot of FUD user. Now I see the exact same hate for it as when Ether was at $10. Bitcointalk just couldn't handle it but now we have the flippening. I have buy orders at $12 $11 and $10. I will be all fucking in. The oportunity cost is too high on others.

>Just fud, nothing to do with a non-unique coin that has scaling and syncing issues coming from its butt, has no other features like smartcontracts and ico's.

Stay deluded

A lot of FUD right now in bear market. This is the coin for mass adoption

Just a run of the mill pump and dump.

it was a bitcoin/litecoin clone that aboslutely nobody cared about until some redditor started a shill post in december and they began hyping it
it was pumped by said reddit hype up to $35 but then the hype faded and now we're here at $10. it's going to keep going lower and lower just like every bitcoin clone with zero use cases aside from just being a crypto.

It’s not based on blockchain it has 0 fees and is faster than them. Go back to your discord group pajeet

ether never had a node incentive problem because they started as POW.

It’s not even a traditional blockchain dumbass.

>Now I see the exact same hate for it as when Ether was at $10
Except XRB/Nano didn't have a huge market cap + hype machine. Also, only redditards follow it, and big investors are laughing at them now for buying in.

>hurrrrr it's faster than beeetcoin!
and bitcoin is a useless shitcoin. the age of cryptos doing nothing is over you retard. your piece of shit will never have any inherent value. the only reason it's worth more than 0$ right now is speculation from braindead people like you


AB was right again.

Ok so you’re skeptical of all Cryptos


people finally waking up to the face that regardless of tech people only want to pay with/accumulate coins like btc/eth

no, I'm sceptical of worthless trash like XRB. I see the value in things like smart contracts though, which I think are the future of blockchain.

NANO will succeed because it does not want to do anything else but be a currency.

no use outside of being used as a currency, so it has no reason to appreciate since bitcoin already fills the niche of 'store of value'

at least you can speculate on ETH, NEO, and similar smart contract platforms

It went live on binance and dumped, exactly as expected. Everyone who wanted XRB was willing to sign up on kucoin.

Is bitcoin as fast and as fee-less as Nano? No

Blockchain technology is literally the only reason to use cryptocurrency. kek.

btc is a store of value, no one uses it as a currency. nano has no reason to go up in value like it did in december, beyond people trying to ride the pump with shit liquidity on shitgrail.

Or perhaps as a cryptoCURRENCY

Again I repeat it’s the fastest, fee-less cryptoCURRENCY on the market.

you guys need to come up with better FUD, there's not really much to say against Nano

>It’s not based on blockchain it has 0 fees
Do you understand that that's not necessarily a good thing, that there is no incentive to run a node, and that will cause issues if you wish to scale, do you understand that the blockchain lattice structure causes syncing issues?

>It’s not even a traditional blockchain dumbass.
That's not a good thing. It's structure is already causing issues, and there are other coins that have low transaction fees and high transaction rates, with incentive to run nodes. It's overrated.

>because it does not want to do anything else but be a currency.
Is that why you're on here shilling it?

Is xrb as secure and stable as bitcoin? No
Good luck using a fast currency if cant even hold its network together.

Big dip after hitting a major exchange which is what everyone always said would happen

cryptocurrency? kek. The only true cryptocurrency is XMR

My debit card fullfills all the purposes of XRB and is also feeless.

But that would compromise Bitcoin, if Nano is better for paying. Do you want Bitcoin to fall even further? I think not.

This sentiment is exactly what is causing the crypto market to be seen so negatively.

Bitcoin is a joke, the market will decouple itself from it eventually.

You can’t send a buddy money across the world instantly without fees with your debit card

Nope, that's litecoin.

>What went wrong with nano?
The community is insufferable. You people are literally worse than the iota children. It could be the next Bitcoin, but I'll never check because the thought of being in that community is repulsive.

Miner coin with fees? No thank you

Raiblocks was a better name imo, ya it's weird but it had character. Now it's just another random token. Same with the logo.

Their new logo is fucking retarded.

It's too horizontal. A logo should be 1:1

It was created

Fee's run the network, as they should. Litepay launches soon with visa partnership at 1% fees, and no exposure of volatility to the vendor. It hasn't successfully launched on 1 exchange without issue. It's a great idea on paper, but in practice it doesn't work.

Dumped to...180k sats? How retarded can you brainlets get?

Didn't capitalize on peak Raiblocks hype. Took way too long to rebrand and get on other exchanges.

You mean cause issues of scaling such as BTC currently? Just gtfo you fucking miner faggots.

>the age of cryptos doing nothing is over you retard
he actually said the exact opposite user, gud reedin

Litecoin fucking sucks. It literally 2 lines of code and 2min faster transaction of difference from BTC. Just please fuck of and take your bags with you. Normies dont want to hear about country worth od electricity being wasted to mine this shitcoin

moon get

oh well

absolutely clueless. bitcoin will always be #1. bitcoin = the crypto market. everything is actually bitcoin. everything will die if bitcoin dies(it wont)

i was 100% all in XRB because i thought it was going to be very useful in the crypto space for FEELESS arb. i thought maybe its growth in the crypto world would eventually spill over into real world use(after many years)

but binance and kucoin charge withdraw fees, despite the network being feeless. and this kills all chances at a feeless arb coin and thus i cant imagine a future where NANO(lol) is useful

>Internet Explorer will always be #1. Internet Explorer = the internet.

>Implying this strawman is an argument

green IDs support NANO.

I have seen enough.

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Nano means small which means it will only be worth small amounts of money.

I shit on NANO fag and my ID is greener than yours

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