The last big invention in crypto was ethereum

The last big invention in crypto was ethereum

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>forgets chainlink

nano and xlm would like a word with you

just ether clones without fees

3rd gen blockchain wants a word with you.

>What is Stellar, Nano and Jibrel

I tend to agree with XLM, sure it's just an evolution as apposed to a whole new product but it's light years ahead of it's predecessors.

ethereum is literally useless without things like LINK to make it actually have a use case in the real world

Listen normie: Ethereum can't currently scale. Among many other reasons your OP is painfully wrong

You retarded? They both have absolutely 0 similarities with eth (they are not eaven blockchains)

chainlink is a feature for a blockchain like ethereum, not something meant to have it's own token and network.

stellar is literally a copy and paste of ripple, its been rewritten since then, but there's no innovation there.

literally the only thing i don't like about XLM is how many coins are locked up, but i guess i understand why (they want to distribute them to people who will use them so it actually does become a world payment system)

see picture, also read the white paper

stellar is centralized, nano just a rebrand of pajeet blocks

XLM will be an even bigger game changer. Faster, scales better, cheaper transactions, ICO platform, atomic pathfinding, built-in decentralized exchanges, etc, etc. Also, Mobius is better than ChainLink and runs on Stellar.

Funny thing about that... the market doesn't give a shit about decentralization. It actually likes centralized solutions

a whitepaper doesn't change the fact that the person who made ripple, cloned his project and turned it into stellar.

its yet another exchange bound coin, with numerous problems, and without anyone willing to work around them in order to use the platform, unlike btc, or eth.

The next one is Cardano

maybe in 2019

>Nobody mentions interoperability

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

>the distributed systems developer who made ripple can't take his old code and modify it based on cutting edge tech like quorum slicing in order to make ripple 2.0

what did he mean by this

>big invention in crypto was ethereum

Correct. There have only been 2 in total. BTC and ETH.

>stellar is centralized

Stellar is not centralized for the long run. The entire reason it exists is because JM didn't like the centralization (and lack of scalability) of XRP. It will never be as decentralized as BTC or ETH, but it's not filling the same role either.

isn't it obvious? this thread is talking about really big, meaningful innovations in crypto. ripple is older than ethereum, and the differences between ripple and stellar, are at best, mediocre.

>he market doesn't give a shit about decentralizatio

The market is full of poor people as evidenced by worthless XRP being on the top right.

>investing solely on political/psuedo-religious grounds

missing out on big gains

will not be needed when there aren't going to be more than 2-4 coins in mass use anyway. what point is interoperability if everyone only needs to interact with btc and eth, for example, or if something manages to replace either of them, it's still only 2-4 different networks.

>cloned his project

The entire codebase was re-written, it's not a clone. XLM is orders of magnitude better than XRP.

XRP is genuinely fast and has low fees, that alone puts it above 99% of the cryptomarket

i dont think you fully understand stellar if you honestly think it's that much better than ripple. theyre both very similar, but theres no major new innovations in stellar, that's certain.

this. how else could the costs be orders of magnitude lower

its also something people only care about when trading, long term noboy is going to care about a currency that can arbitrarily freeze your entire account, especially with the gov getting more involved

software updates don't make the concept a different thing