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Why would anyone over the age of 18 eat ramen? Pasta with a sauce and cheese is cheaper and has way more nutrients.

why would anyone over the age of 18 still use goyim paper? Cutting your own rags to whipe yourass and washing them every three days is waay cheaper

Just steal food at that point. Your primal instincts should take over cuck society rules.

i was pretty disturbed when i learned that ramen and styrofoam is basically the same shit

Go to hell.

Time to become a soy boy.

Believe everything you read on the Internet

Why would anyone over the age of 18 post on reddit? Veeky Forums is cheaper and has way more anonymity.

this is the most reddit like thread i have seen so far on biz
biz is fucking dead

Saw it on facebook

>he doesn't use the latrine stick

Too much work

Cup noodles are literally just "pour hot water"


Just graduate collage, find wife, have children, work hard, pay taxes, like other normies

potatoes and bananas are the most nutritious foods in the world. if you just ate those two foods in unlimited amounts you would be healthier than 99% of people and you would not get fat no matter how much you ate.


biz was always dead

>eat unlimited calories
>never get fat


ramen in my country is unironically more expensive that decent pasta or vegetables

OK, gramps.

>eating potatoes
>not getting fat

>picking 2 of the most carb heavy foods out there

> bananas and potatoes are the two most nutritious Foods in the world

The next generation is lost.

>they think carbs make you fat

>he thinks carbs don't contain calories

let me dumb it down for you brainlets. carbs are converted into glycogen and is burned as energy.

fat is stored as fat.

you eat a high fat diet. you get fat. it's that simple.

>he thinks all calories react the same in the body

Lol you’re pretty good at acting this dumb

>fat fucks who go from 350 pounds down to 280 think keto is healthy because LOOK AT THE RESULTS

>you eat a high fat diet. you get fat. it's that simple.
just in case your not baiting i recommend researching keto diet, i recommend it for fat asses out there trying to lose weight

>forcing your body into a state of sickness in order to trick it into losing weight

finally, measurable antimatter, its a shame its your brain user

>itt: fat fucks who think theyre nutrition experts because they lost a couple pounds on keto but are still ginormous fat fucks

>finally, measurable antimatter, its a shame its your brain

it's literally impossible to not lose weight on keto.

>itt: fat fuck who doesnt realize forcing your body into metabolism can cure prediabetes, can treat cancer, and is just incredibly good for you

>sauce and cheese
disgusting sugar and dairy

I learned two things. You are funny and I spend too much time here.

i love triggering you literal fat keto fucks.

so fucking what? you still weigh 290. i wont be impressed until you fat fucking slobs are at 170 pounds. but youll never make it there on keto lul

This post reeks of reddit

I like it. I wish the US had pot noodles.

it's kind of weird. americans are obsessed about "keto" and "carbs" and whatever, but 2/3 of them are obese. i live in frogland and we eat copious amounts of bread, sausages, pasta, pâté, cheese, butter... all the shit "health conscious" americans screech about yet good luck seeing a motorized scooter anywhere in the country.

Is that your professional oppinion, health pooposter?

>starve myself for 3 days at a time
>go to buffet on 3rd day
>eat for 3 hours straight
>dont shit for 5 days
my body is beginning to adapt to this diet
literally absorbing my shit now
im saving like $500 a month on food

The anti-keto

>Let me tell you something. There is no nobility in poverty. I’ve been a rich man, and I’ve been poor man. And I choose rich every fucking time. Cause, At least as a rich man, when I have to face my problems, I show up in the back of a limo wearing a $2000 suit …and $40,000 gold fuckin’ watch!
Now, if anyone here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic. Go get a job at fucking McDonald’s, because that’s where you fucking belong!

Everything you just mentioned is low in sugar, whereas almost every processed American food is loaded with it, to keep us addicted. That's why we have to try harder to maintain healthy macro ratios - and, naturally, some people overdo it

T. Burger, can confirm.

Everyone here is disabled level fat.

Literally no one walks anywhere. Physical activity is totally unknown to these people. The stores are filled with cheaper processed fat and sugar

The real insanity is that these cheap empty calories are made possible by subsidies to the industries producing them. Do they are being made poorer by national debts at the same time they are feeding cancer

fruit is loaded with sugar and yet they are the healthiest foods in the world packed with vitamins and minarals. the difference is that the sugar is not processed. sugar (glucose) is good for you. processed sugar is bad. understand the difference.

american's are fat fucks because their diets are high in fat. not because their diets are high in sugar.

wow rags huh? look at this spendthrift. once your diet is optimized you shouldn't have to wipe. there should be no residue. I wipe with deodorant there is never any brown


so, dietbro, what happens to fat you eat after you eat it

>The body doesnt treat sugar as sugar
T: retard

America is the only country where people actually believe keto is healthy
I knew that they dont know how potatoes look outside of fries at mcdonals.

Retarded as fuck kys, Americans are fat cause they eat too much, calories in > calories out = fat ass.

You are god amongst men.

>biz was always dead
>Veeky Forums is dead
>/pol/ is dead
>Veeky Forums is dead
>Veeky Forums is dead
Yeah yeah, we get it already.

>he doesn't know fat converts to fat. hence the name fat.
>he doesnt know carbs are converted to energy
you're fat

ya something a fat fuck would say. youre fat.

oh dude just wait until you shit blood.

>He doesnt know carbs convert to fat
>he doesnt know natural sugar converts to fat
>he doesnt know fat converts to energy
>he doesnt know fat converts to protein
>he doesnt know protein converts to muscle
>he doesnt know fucking anything
>he's a retard
>he failed school
>he got a degree in gender studies
>he spent his last 50 bucks on digibyte trying to get rich


how fat are you? please tell me.

>he doesnt know you have to eat a massive amouth of carbs to make them turn into fat
>carbs firstly get stored in the liver and muscles
>even 25% of the excess carbs are used as energy to convert carbs into fat
>he doesnt know that body has to go into a sick state to convert fat into glucose for the brain
>he doesnt know that fat is the least pref energy source for the body
>dies after years of keto while everyone thrives on high carb whole food diets.

6'4, 220 pounds

you on the other hand are a lardass

>goes on the internet and posts things that are factually incorrect

upvote for you good sir

>220 pounds
hahahaha fat ass

ohh good lord have mercy on your little brain

so you're fat and short at the same time, shit no wonder you're here

>dont shit for 5 days
dude you're going to get a shit that tears your asshole one of these days if you keep that up.


>eating nature's trash

how could i be fat? my diet consists of less than 5% fat.

hahahaha youre fat

>a food that literally contains adequate amounts of every vitamin and mineral is trash
stay fat

>fat manlet doesnt realize that fat consumed in food makes up 3% of the fat in your body and the rest comes from fat made by your body from carbs

t: literal retard

>Veeky Forums containment breach
You know the drill motherfucker post body

>carbs make you fat
oh dear child lul you will never not be fat. such a shame.

fuck you fag. go jerk off somewhere else.

Nobody wants to jerk off to your ugly body, we just want to laugh at it. Post pics or stfu about fatness, fatty.

Bahahahahahahahahaha get fucked fatboi

would but I still got a bit of jelly after losing 50 pounds, I wanna get to 200 flat then put on some mass

>he weighed 270 and is still a fatass
hahahahahaha just like i said. fatasses think theyre experts on nutrition cause they lost some weight. STILL A FATASS YOU FAT FUCK.

get back at me when you hit 170. you never will though. your diet is high in fat. hahahaha

>5 foot flat fatboy crying in shame
hahaha get out mate, not just fat but a fucking manlet kek

WTFF they look so alien.

>he weighs over 220 pounds and is calling people fat

>he doesnt realize 220 pounds at 6'4 is underweight

This is how we know you're a manlet my man

Dubs checked.

You left out the hardest part: finding a good job.

i give you about a 3/10 you got a good response from people but I think you aren't even trolling just a product of kellogs manipulation of scientific research

>he's this fat and this delusional
youve already admitted to being a ginormous 270 pound fat fuck slob so we know you have no muscle mass too. you disgust me.

>6'4 220 is underweight

>using BMI

ya i know. fat fucks like yourself hate bmi. we understand.

next you're gonna be telling me you've got autism and thats why you're still in the house

>The only woman that will ever love you

>posting reddit posts

you deserve to be poor

dude you think 6"4 and 220 pounds with no muscle mass is underweight. do you even understand how retarded you are?

What the fuck is wrong with you asshole? It's still too fucking soon. Way too soon.

Then make the sauce yourself. Literally takes 5 minutes and tastes a fuckton better.

>Being this autistic
>using retard as an insult
user I...

>he actually doesn't think he's fat

Lmao we use our hands and water and soap nigga.

Is this what your face looks like, but like, shortened, like if I took the select tool and just halved the height of the face, keeping the width

Bruh im 5' 11 176lb, 11% bf. The only person in this thread thats fat is you, keep eating your carbs fatboy.

>but like, shortened, like if I took the select tool and just halved the height of the face, keeping the width

Finally giving us a picture of you to judge huh?

wow you're retarded. bmi can't distinguish between fat and muscle so its fucking useless. fuck off

Might as well buy Soylent then, at least you actually get some level of macro intake.