The oracle problem paradox

Let us consider Sergey manages to provide a network of decentralized oracles able to send data to smart contracts.

The problem is: how can you trust the data? What if the network is compromised? Wouldn't you need a network of networks? ... How many layers would you need? Theoretically infinity ...

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> what is a 51% attack

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> how can you trust the data?
You sign the smart contract under the assumption that the oracle is reliable and that the penalties for fucking you over are greater than fucking you over. If it's not there's a huge issue, I agree. Allegedly decentralization + trusted hardware avoid these plays.

> What if the network is compromised?
In what sense? Communication is secure even in the event the network is compromised, this is basically the purpose of Town Crier.

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aren't there multiple oracles?
to ensure that even if one fucked you over,
you'll get reliable information from the others

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Yes, but in theory you could be able to control the right ones. Let's say we need to check weather data and you control everywhere weather data's gathered from. Or enough to fuck up the aggregation.

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>trusted hardware
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Read this if you like scary stories

> In 2010 Sergey Ulasen of VirusBlokAda discovered Stuxnet, a virus believed to be written in a joint collaboration between Israel and the United States to disrupt the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Though the Iranians took steps to ensure that their nuclear material processing devices were not connected to the internet, the virus was able to breach them by hopping onto USB keys. Once the malware had taken hold, it subtly altered instrumentation to destroy centrifuges without revealing its presence. It was a watershed moment that I recall disbelieving upon first learning of its existence:
> It sounds way too Hollywood to be true.
> It wasn't until I'd read through the code myself that I finally believed that it had actually happened.
> Stuxnet taught the cyber security community two things: First, viruses aren't just intelligence tools—they're weapons of war. Second, whether or not a computer is internet connected is just another area of trust for competent defender: More of a continuum than a binary fact. The Iranian weapons program can be pretty dark but still let in USB keys and a Twitter profile can be white hot but still go offline occasionally; and data can be exfiltrated through a multitude of methods.

Proof of Stake makes it a lot more difficult to happen.

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>The network doesn't give a fuck if the information is correct, it just provides the data.
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>How can you trust ethereum, what if someone compromises 51% of the nodes.


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Its up to the individual entrants of a contract to specify the criteria for a correct entry.

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The link network just ensures the pipeline integrity from data source to the blockchain.

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