Someone should screencap all these deluded "recovery" posts and make a collage.

too bad BTC is still up 99999999% since inception so making that would seem really fucking stupid at this point

>bitcoin will never be $1
>bitcoin will never be $100
>bitcoin will never be $10000
>h how do i buy bitcoin

nay sayers are the worst

aaaand we're down

>$100 is comparable to $10k

And today muchachos we’re gonna be doing the bear market challenge

what are you talking about you dweeb

What are you talking about, what recovery you buttfucker


Bullmarket is back!

If BTC manages to stay above 8k USD for the next 2 weeks the market will recover.

However if it falls below 8k and breaks through the 7,400 barrier we are all going down and it'll take 2-3 years before we will go up again.

Even if we stay at 8k the next 2 weeks it will take 3-6 months before we will go above 11k again.

why even bother writing this bullshit, your feelings don't mean shit

It's an objective analysis based on previous trends not my feelings.

If it were my feelings I would say "WE ARE RECOVERING RIGHT NOW BACK TO 100K!!!!" like most of Veeky Forums

nice, bought at 100k

>$1 is comparable to $100

nah. first of all the bear market can't last as long as it did the last time because of the amount and speed of progress, innovation and investments happening now compared to 2014.
second the current bullish parabola, if we don't break it (we're right on it atm) brings btc back to 20k mid april to mid may. we could be at 11 in days to weeks, again if it doesnt drop below 8.


Next target - 10500.
After that - 13000.
Double bottom has been completed.
Press S to spit on the bear market.


all false

Even the goxening, where all normies got spooked off and everyone lost any hope for crypto, wasn't as bad as your supposed scenario of under 8k. In fact it's safe to say that this is as low as it gets (maybe a dip to 7k tops) and that lower than that is impossible without nukes dropping in the US or a stealth commie underground society successfully enforcing communism worldwide. You keep applying autistic Forex TA to crypto or treating it like stocks because it has charts but you keep forgetting that it's neither of them and that it's FAR different than currency pairs influenced by their own nations or stocks influenced by companies' production output

I know I'll get 5 replies for saying this but the monetized blockchain actually DOES have value which is quite vital for humanity's current and future stage and a crash where everyone loses interest in it for 3-4 years is physically impossible. It might've been possible in the past but not anymore
Again, stop applying retarded TA to exponentially-growing charts that are neither a currency pair nor a stock and start using common fucking sense

yeah I will never get people who think a bear market will last for even a year, there's way too much shit happening in this space compared to the 2014 gox bear market, even if tether imploded right now we'd bounce off hit 5-6k and resume trending upwards

Chec’d keep them predictions coming bruhb

Challenges are for NEETs and niggers.

>"b-b-ut its up thousands of dollars from $1"
says the buffoons that bought at 10k

This, you have to be fucking retarded and not understand crypto at all to believe that a long term bear market is possible in the current environment.

>It's an objective analysis based on previous trends not my feelings.
Care to share some of the statistical data you have to back it up?

>go down 20%
>Go up 5%

>We're back

If back means losing money steadily...yeah I'm thinking I'm back

solid post

I'd like to add that there's also no real good ways for big investors to get into the space without trying to wire millions of dollars into GDAX or Gemini, and then send bits of BTC, ETH or LTC to a bunch of retarded exchanges and get fined like 4 times, once for moving BTC/ETH/LTC, another time to trade for whatever dumb coin you want, and then again when you sell, another transfer fee when you go from secondary exchange back to primary, and AGAIN when you go back to primary exchange to cash out to fiat.

Exchanges are the biggest bottleneck as far as market growth goes, especially with many suspending registration recently for a bit. Once we get primary exchanges (ones that accept fiat) that allow users to convert fiat to ANY alt, we have the incentive needed to get the bigger investors on board. Its a fucking clusterfuck atm. I have high hopes for both the Liquid platform and SDEX to fix this problem.

what a goober

x = 100^n , n = 0,1,2, ...


REQ is going to be huge

>Meanwhile the biggest btc holders have increased their stack

Thats how theyre going to control the crypto. They get all btc for cheaper. In some years theyre gonna have all coins.

ffuck is this true?

>the monetized blockchain actually DOES have value which is quite vital for humanity's current and future stage

kind of weird you replied to him with your facebook profile pic, but whatever floats your boat kid

I imagine you sitting in a russian bathhouse drinking ovcharka cum and intoning this in a deep religious voice

Just a rumor for now, but big as fuck if true... buy the rumor

and 99% of people bought after inception


>bitcoin will never hit 100k
>bitcoin will never hit 1mil
>bitcoin will never hit 10 million
>bitcoin will never hit 10000000 million
>bitcoin will never hit 5.67 x 10^23 trillion
>one satoshi will never be worth more than our galaxy
>bitcoin will never hit universal integer overflow

late adopters get what they deserve

>tfw a bunch of neets become rich enough to own the universe and all matter
we're all going to make it lads

>BTC will never go below 15k again
>BTC will never go below 11k again
>BTC will never go below 9k again
>BTC will never go below 8k again
>BTC will never go below 5k again
>BTC will never go below 1k again

yeah but paying taxes on that shit is gonna be a bitch


IF it hits 6k, we will see an even bigger surge than we saw in Nov/Dec.

OP you are a liar fuck you

Cool, you buying the coin first?

Who do you think will solve this problem?

Told everyone to fomo into this or else they will miss the train to 100k, staying comfy on my 60% losses awaiting my moon.

they will all do it, but QASH will be the leading one. They are the farthest in development, have the best team, have an actual exchange already, and are partnered with one of the biggest banks in Japan

but REQ/XLM/JNT are good holds too, QASH is the fucking longterm goldpot

If it hits 6k fuck yeah I’m buying.

Nice. See this also for why people have no idea how little money is actually being pumped into crypto right now, for that very reason:

Lol it's going down again. Picked up some CND and AMB after holding my ETH for the past 2-3 dippies. It's just that kind of season.

Crypto is more mainstream now than it was in 13' or 14'. You had Bitcoin, dogecoin, and litecoin. Now we have thousands and the actual blockchain technologies are being realized. If it crashes, it will come back in a few months. If (((they))) decide it needs major regulation, then yes we will have to wait for it to recover for a year or more.

>If it crashes, it will come back in a few months.
Come back as the flippening.

and just when i was just starting to enjoy the market tanking every day


New paradigm