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very nice thread

It was a good thread

thanks, just bought 100k

Skycoin thread? How are my skylets doing

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What's this thread about?

not much just hanging out


Accumulate lots more during the dip

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thanks, I'll make 30 posts over the next two hours so you can go back to bed now. my projects can go unfinished, right?

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shit Google is accumulating

Got over 400k coinhours withdrawing from cryptopia. Anyone know what the buyback rates are going to be?


i have noticed that the janitors are just deleting posts that they don't like again. fuck off newfag mods

can someone explain this shit to a brainlet with no tech knowledge like me? i understand what SKY is and aims to do, but how the fuc does the miner work? i just build it and it pays me in SKY?

heard devs say somewhere around 160k coinhours per skycoin

miner is basically a router, used to transfer traffic over skywire. It's software defined networking, so that orange pi cluster is used to determine packet routes, encrypt everything, compartmentalize traffic of various apps, etc. Works as an overlay over the current internet, when the 5g antennas are shipped its gonna turn into actual wireless meshnet, independant of current ISPs. You get sky for transferring packets.

so another project that requires people provide real world resources and time, and instead of paying them in a valuable currency like btc or eth, they try and get away with paying you in something they just printed millions of for free?

can't the same argument be made about btc and eth? also fiat?

Unlike btc and eth, where you waste money on equipment and electricity calculating hashes for no reason, skycoin actually provides something useful for peoples resources and time. A new decentralized internet, in every way better than legacy internet.

how would SKY recognize that and know to payout to my address tho?

what's the ETA for 2nd gen miners? picking one up as soon as they're out

that's what the software is for.

you missed out

would probably be smarter to build your own desu

i was checking out the part list, but it seems it's all first gen.

is there a particular advantage to getting a second gen?

also how many coins are you guys getting per day on average? does it vary based on how populated your area is?

for ethereum, sure, bitcoin no. premining and pumping out a bunch of worthless tokens, then trying to retroactively give them value is a model that has been getting harder and harder, and has all but stopped working.

thats great, they should pay people in a currency thats valuable then

The testnet has only started, there's no solid info. Nobody knows what the bottlenecks are, how things can be tweaked, etc. You could build something entirely different, as long as you have a 64 bit arm cpu, it should work. According to that interview, devs are going to pay you even more for benchmarking and testing different hardware.

yeah so they're paying in skycoin

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Supply/demand. Also skywire incentives for the first 14 years.

Wouldn't that require you have a link to the overall 5g network, that would rely on people being near you that also have this machine. Which is not likely.

>inb4 your comment gets deleted

you mean wagecucking for fiat? Skycoin predates ETH btw

that doesn't really answer my question though.

if i'm putting $600 into a miner and i'm getting $20 a month, it's not gonna be worth my time.

forgot to post the deleted comment

that's why I said it only works as an overlay over the current internet as of now, new networking protocol running on the current infrastructure. No 5G yet. I wouldn't be so sure about the second point, there are economic incentives to have something like this running, the meshnet reach is going spread quickly.

Because your question is retarded. And I did answer it. There is no fixed amount per day, it depends on supply and demand.

I saw a FUD post with a pink wojack making fun of stinky linkies get deleted yesterday too. These new mods are fucking joke. Their only job is to delete illegal content or maintain SFW board rules, not get rid of whatever they don't like.

give me an estimate nigger

SuPpLy AnD DeMaNd :^) doesn't say shit and neither do any of the shills. if you want your idealistic internet to be adopted, you should be willing to answer basic questions about the people looking to contribute to the backbone of your shitcoin

give me an estimate of how many bitcoins you would have made per day if you started mining in 2010

except its not a shitcoin, so we don't care if you realize it now or not. you want an answer that doesn't exist. you can either find a way to make your own estimations, or wait for us to find the answer. there is no other possible outcome.

the one thing that is certain is the longer you wait, the fewer coins you'll get. so fuck off already. you have no impact on this project succeeding.

if you used your brain even the tiniest bit you would know that's fucking ridiculous. either you'll be getting lots of coins or each coin will be worth much more than they are now because of how much user growth would be required for you to only earn $20 worth of skycoin a month.