I am senior data analyst working at BlackRock...

I am senior data analyst working at BlackRock, one of our hedge fund departments has just concluded that real fundamental value of ALL (!!!) cryptocurrency is worth somewhere between $600,000,000 to $1,200,000,000, while intrinsic value of one Bitcoin is less than $20. Everything else is just speculative capital, which will eventually burst in the next few months.

We expect total market capitalization to decline further to about $20,000,000,000 by the end of May.

All of you faggots who still HOLD will lose most of current value of your digital Ponzi tokens. This is just the beginning. We expect further 95% decline from current valuations.

You have been warned. This is just a very friendly warning to all stupid cryptocurrency holders on Veeky Forums.

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>total market cap will decline to be 200x bigger than it is now

sure do love when bitcoin crashes up

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Bought 100k thanks to your advice


That's weird, I'm friends w/ a VP at BlackRock and he doesn't feel this way at all. But I know often large financial institutions have competing view points inter-department.

Eh? What say you?

Why will it "eventually burst in the next few months" where did you complete your analyst to associate program?


sorry but the autism is too strong in shitcoin-crypto ... the blockchain is here to stay but uncle sam and his gooberminte friends will own it all ...

i'll still try to throw some money at it but right now i'm waiting for the real dip either 6 February - regulations if any news ... or the dead certain bitfinex / tether-scam shutdown or whatever ...

its going to be a bloodbath but as this guy said it:

oh about the real market value 1/6 of the market cap might check out ... which is why this sumbitch is so volatile

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>hey guys the market is totally going lower i swear
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Blackrock lurking on Veeky Forums. Sure thing.

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I sold all my links for mobius, atleast they have fixed the oracle problem and communicate their partnerships with their investors, ugh for stinky linkies

Based on What? Smart contracts are ther future.

Really makes you think...if only we haven't heard this every year since BTC was invented. How do expect us to buy drugs, weapons, & porn with so little market cap? The amount of money laundered is a lot more than $1.2 billion a week.

ok we have been warned, now go short everything on 100x leverage and gtfo thi board you smartass

Considering that the actual market cap is really $100,000,000,000 I am not worried at all. Don't understand the retards that take the CMC total market cap as the real thing lol.

show proofs, sage larper
also show bids lmao

why not? i work at another asset manager


It's only true from the fact that 99.9% of the coins are scams. But almost all of that money will flow into the 4 or 5 coins that actually work, thus we'll see $100k BTC.

Imagine how much money is sitting on the sideline in tether. Once we clear $12k, be it this year or next, BTC is going insane.

The irony will be that banks and hedge funds will own a large percentage of it by then. If you are running a large bank, you'd have to be crazy not to hold BTC as a hedge.

Clients will demand it. It's not as if they don't hold super risky assets now to diversify their holdings.

>one of our hedge fund departments
Larp. No one working at BlackRock would ever use this terminology. Nice try though.

could be ... i'm only really worried about tether/bitfinex and other "big exchange exit scams" that'll tank the market for months > they run 8% of the current market volume and its the active market volume ...

can't see tether not blowing up and bitfinex with it ... till then this gamble is insanely risky

thinking about throwing dough @ Nem, Ripple, Stellar, VChain, OmiseGo

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So bitcoin market cap will be 40m dollars? There are thousands of people who would gladly buy the entire supply for that much right now, just to say they own it if for no other reason.


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