Let's have a best of Veeky Forums thread

let's have a best of Veeky Forums thread

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gets me every time



Kek, missed this happening









Lel can’t belive I missed this



I remember this guy. I hope things turned out alright for him...

kek that last line



unfortunately i don't have the full version of that one

Best of all



the funniest part where the article about her being "discriminated" against


I'm the guy saying DELETE THIS



is this where they all came from? I'm dying



Wow man is that really you? Hey so cool you stopped by in this thread. Man that was a really funny comment, I told it to my wifes son and he peed himself from laughing. Her bf LaTraudshawn came over and he had a great laugh as well.
I cant wait for your next comment, keep me updated.

I was the op of this thread
Feels good to be in the hall of fame

can i have your autograph?

Terrible meter tbqh

this needs a major update. com'n biz someone get to it

not sure if they where born in that thread exacly, but it was for sure one the first with them


That’s insane. The part I love most is how OP disappears off the face of the earth as soon as people realize what just happened.

No gloating, no apologizing. Nothing. He completes the scam and he fucks off out of the thread never to be heard from again. Legendary.

Haha why man?
I did not do anything special


still fresh

Does anyone have the Asian girl pic? Pls post


Nice man


does ayone have the Japanese styled image where devopps199 is murdering a guy labeled eth?


Wow can I suck your dick?


I am newfag can you explain the fall behind this

Needs to be updated with pic on their website.



thanks for the big kek, OP.

Does anyone have the Asian chick?
>asking for research purposes to benefit children of Africa

literally flawless

it's just a shitty BTC fork like any other. Why did it fall so fast specificaly idk i hadn't followed it at that moment

How can I archive this thread?

I love margin trading liquidation threads.

I actually have it kek

You guys missed out on the TOMO meme thread last night, I made .15 ETH.

Did anybody screencap that ebin wow thread the other day?


>those wojaks in the water
fucking hilarious jesus christ


I am the OP of this thread. I love seeing my thread posted in these.

Did they go broke?

a classic

We are living in the golden age of Veeky Forums

OP of that thread here
They still working. In fact doing good
I have a 100k stored there

I think not, didn't see any thread or news about them after that



rare pink

The company who was going to fork Bitcoin changed their minds and said "forget it. we're not doing the fork."

Buy high sell low is the ultimate meme.

incredible, worth the reading

holy kek

it's even beyond a meme for some tards here


nobody posting this one?

my favorite Chainlink meme



You know what these things are?
Yes, theyre Rai stones. Ancient evidence of Pajeetblock shills.

that's all I have

>tfw Veeky Forums will never get flags and ip range ban for street shitters

I need a quick rundown on this. Were flags on for a day?

those must have been some heavy bags

Its fake you goof

This is only funny for newfags that don't know January had a huge bull run on basically every shitcoin

Reading pic related more it looks like pajeet fucked up and posted on a shill thread on /int/ instead of Veeky Forums and got outed kekek

This ones gold, just got posted the other day


You missed the ending.

post it

nice collection