>not having LTC as Firefox

OP is a retard

What's amazon?
What's apple?

looks like something a redditor would make


Funny thing is the tech performance matches up between IE and chrome

Fixed it

Do you even know how to use solidity?

Amazon = ADA
Apple = DRGN

This is very accurate

Wtf u talking about. They don't even have a working product!

kek imagine thinking ADA is currently performing better than XLM. FairX dude...

Don't forget

ChainLink -> HTTP

holy fuck did you make this hahahaha i thought i'd seen all BAT memes, amazing.

Nah. It's great though. But my metric for if a coin/token has a strong enough following is the level and evolution of its memetics:


I meant yes to ChainLink being a fundamental protocol for blockchain-to-off-chain secure data exchange

>Ethereum and [favorite altcoin] are sluggish giants that we would be better off without.

>Bitcoin is a fun toy

Sounds about right.

>pets.com is a website
>IE and chrome are browsers

what did they mean by this?

pets.com toy

I can't believe people are falling for this meme. You do realize they do have a working product, right?

Vechain is Amazon

Second post best post