I don't even care anymore at this point

I don't even care anymore at this point

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You'll care once it drops below 6k. Stop being a brainlet.

embrace it

This. Prettending to be cool and saying "lol I just don't care" doesn't make you look good or compensate the fact you made a bad investment, it just makes you look like more of a brainlet.

then what should I do tell me. If I sell for tether it will pump to 10k

The amazing thing about these threads is the number of people that apparently bought in within the last 3 months. Everyone else is in profit by a lot.

Post your shorts

>market gets mass media attention
>new people enter
truly amazing

I'm 400x up and have cashed out 50% of my current portfolio's value (50% of BTC at 16k, another 50% of remainder at 10k) but it still hurts to look at the fucking charts.

Yup, I got in December, made a few mistakes, and Im fucked.

Go on, laugh. Im glad you guys made your many thousands.

You're going to make it desu

As depressing as it is, you can't tell me you're not enjoying yourself even a little bit. Whenever you feel bad, just remember, there are a lot of hood rats that lost all of their welfare bucks to tron and bitconnect too, and that's a beautiful thing user.

HODLing through crashes and bear markets builds character

You couldnt have lost money in the last 3 months though.
I joined shortly before christmas with 4k. I got up to ath of 55k in january 8 before the crashening started.
Am at 10k now. Still profit.

Jesus, I thought I had it bad.

Do you actually believe that the market is somehow watching what you do, and conspiring to screw you over? Seriously?
Pull you head out of the fantasy and return to reality. The money you watch disappear on a daily basis now is money you hare losing. It really is that simple.

It will be a better story to tell. Think of the guys that held through 2013, or NEO and China FUD, or the DAO hack. You can at least know in your heart that you fucking earned those gains.

same here user

Im all of those. My bitchass panic sold more than once though. Still, /comfy/

coiners hubris must be punished

your pain must be more severe

Just end the suffering please

When I saw the hype in November/December I looked into it. Made a wallet. Did some research...and then the incline became obviously parabolic and I knew it was unsustainable. I'm a comfy nocoiner. Feels good. I'm just here in the hopes I can talk down a few suicides. Maybe convince some people to cut their losses instead of losing it all.


I think ICX bagholders are getting tested, myself included.
But I like what this user mentioned:
Better to get hit with 50% loss, than to miss out on a 10-50x. Even if that number reduces to 3-5x this year, it's still a great risk-reward.

Also, we're gonna make it brahs. inb4