8200 $ has now been tested three times. Its time for an uptrend

8200 $ has now been tested three times. Its time for an uptrend.

>1k meme turned out to be true
>5k meme turned out to be true
>10k meme turned out to be true
>20k meme turned out to be true (practically)
>20k to 10k meme turned out to be true
>8k meme turned out to be true

Whats the next one? 5k did not get enough hype to become a meme. And zero meme is not happening. Is 100k meme next?

100k by eoy 2019

We could still get to $5k, but that will mean it will only go higher that much faster. Going to be hilarious watching the fomo.

$1k is a meme, so it'll likely happen.

If I had to bet my life on it, I'd say $25-30k by the end of this year.

Such resistance at 5K, I highly doubt nobody has balls to short or try to push price lower after 8k. They tried hard to tip it below the previous bottom but failed (and lost money).


1k is not a meme

at 8k**

I would unironically say $90,000 or so by end of year. I think you're underestimating.

I think $20,000 will happen again by April, then stagnation, then $30,000 with dips back to $20,000, followed by a growth to $50,000, more large dips and a crash, then growth again and a bull run near the end.

$4k unironically

probanly something like this
constant newparadigm meming

this guy fucks

this is a 18+ forum user

most definitely 40k-100k this year meme has most juice for obvious reasons

Why not using positive outcomes as memes? 100k EOY. Kek wills it

not gonna happen because miners who have dedicated hardware crunching btc worth millions will stop dumping btc to fund basic operations momentarily because it will be close to non-profitable and this will fuel up the price. Miners constantly dumped their money during the growth phase and high levels to minimize risk, buy more equipment and pay for electricity, loans ect.

Everyone needs to flud every social media site with proof it will reach 35000. Biggest pump and dump in history.

>at 5K, I highly doubt nobody has balls

Never underestimate the stupidity of the market. $8k should be the price, as it's close to the trendline, but panic is a hell of a drug. I definitely would not want to be hodling alts if we approach $5k, outside of the few that work, they will get wrecked and never recover.

$30k then $50k, $5k meme might happen first

Will eth go up too or just btc

That’s the $64000 question

flippening my friend
eth is inherently worth tons more than btc
if crypto is gonna be useful in this world, it will be as ethereum

Biz Bros need your advice, thinking of getting a 10K company loan to buy the Dip, give me your feed back.

>when Veeky Forums promisses you 100k but it crashes to 100

try again nigger.
I'm not saying it will necessarily be nuls, but there will be a better platform than eth. that being said, I still like eth, it will just be grandpa'd out like shitcoin.

You can either buy now and secure this spot or risk it and buy lower. I am bullish tho so I would buy now and wouldn't be a pussy with no balls.

4k soon


That's what I am thinking user, fuck I only get this one shot at making it. I texted my boss yesterday after having a few drinks in lunch time, that I needed her help. I am marching in to that office Monday morning to request it. They can trim it off my salary each pay check, if we hit a Bull run I can make it plus a ton more back.

My quads calls 17k by March 1.

>this is your brain on crypto


you absolutely delusional mongrel

Is this gurl you lol, post bobs and timestamp as a reward.

>And zero meme is not happening
It will
Bitcoin will not crash. It will just slowly spiral towards nothing

You're never even going to hit 10k again. Screencap this

Thanks just bought at 100k

What a fucking nocoiner fudder stop lol

Pussy pass will let you reschedule no problem. In fact, demand a per diem before you finish the call.

OH your boss is a woman.. Nevermind...you women will regret pushing for female leadersh. You won't be able to get away with nearly as much shit.

I did.


>it'll keep going up forever!
There's your problem, you think that those kind of gains were infinitely sustainable in a finite, closed system

And I had my time in bitcoin from 1k to 10k, I cashed out, and I'm staying out because it's never going there again.

Don't get me wrong, there's still money to be made daytrading if you can ride the ups and downs, but the hodl strategy is a losing one in a bear market

care to explain?

>the hodl strategy is a losing one in a bear market
>in a bear market

no shit that's the definition of a bear market. we've seen like 10 bear markets over the last decade, each and every time prices rise to new highs once we're back in a bull market.

but keep spreading shit, i'll keep screenshotting these and laughing at you dumb broke retards. would have thought your sort would have learned some common sense by now

mother of God its true

>each and every time prices rise to new highs once we're back in a bull market.
You're an idiot if you don't think there's a tipping point. This cycle CANNOT continue forever. Yes, maybe this time isn't the time, and I'm wrong. But it will be the time eventually when the majority of people decide to cash out and stay out. We're way past the media attention and normie phase, so the real question is: where is this newfound attention going to come from? Who is going to suddenly jump in and invest who hasn't been here already?

Yea, well i get away with a lot, actually did ask for Loans before but where never that big. Been with her and the company for nearly a decade, so I think it would not be such a big deal. Still i feel a but uneasy requesting that much and taking that bite away from my salary. Still debating, it but I feel strongly there is going to be another Bull Run any time soon.

that's close enough, it's just off by 1 k.

Checked führer dubs
Kek wills it

You are deluded if we reached the peak. This is worldwide not chink, americuck, gook, pajeet, etc. It will keep peaking until it becomes an accepted currency then it will stabilize.


1 bitcoin will be worth six houndred billion dollars

screencap this post

The continued peaks keep it from ever being a currency

The legendary 88388 digits. 100k in effect, get in NOW

Why do you want to gamble with money you don't have?
What's your credit score?
Are you this stupid in the rest of your life too?

The continued peaks is bitcoin refusing to be stopped until its a worldwide accepted currency. It will have one final peak when people finally adopt it worldwide

>what is price discovery

Biz Bro I am still debating it, I don't know I am 50/50 right now, on one hand the reward of risking it will put me on a new level, on the other hand if the Market stays in a Bear Market for the rest of the year it can hurt me. Stupid maybe sometimes, but I not like the normies faggot, we take chances here and so be it if I go down with the ship, at least I did't sit their and waited for luck to strike, a man must make his own luck happen.

But it's not a currency.


What are you on, retard, buttcoin is totally unsuited to be a currency

there was a time when rocks were currency

currency is whatever we collectively decide it is. realistically it makes sense as we move further and further into a digital era to completely do away with fiat and traditional currency and adopt something like a blockchain-based currency

>to completely do away with fiat and traditional currency and adopt something like a blockchain-based currency
Aha. Tether?

But in reality you want other people to use it as currency while you're getting rich from it. Problem is that's the only thing anybody uses it for

This is it, we're going below 8k.

But that is the exact opposite how things work. if you return to test the support multiple times that means you finally go thru it

Fucking burgers

if miners aren't profiting the bitcoin dies.

thats why they wont let it die

> 8k meme was real.
We will see the 20k meme next. But more stable.
After hitting 20k all media is writing and we are going to 50-100k meme end of year.

Fibs are a fkn meme

most TA is a meme

I'm fucking retarded. Sat here watching ETH thinking I removed my $850 buy order and was waiting for $810...

10 minutes later I notice "wait, why do I have ETH?"

Never canceled the buy order. Now the proud owner of 20 ETH at 850. Pretty sure the next bounce only goes to 830.


fibs are probably the only thing worth paying attention to, you're a retard mate, stay poor

TA might not be applicable to crypto, but fibs are a thing user

if mining costs more than market price = > deflation = > higher price


And people who again tell us "This time the media was already on it. This cannot be topped".
Wait till fiat is slowly dying the next years. So all FUD here get in now, or regret it in a few weeks again when BTC is 20k and never comes back.