Just got a signal, expert bot holder

just got a signal, expert bot holder

79% chance BTC will be 15k by friday

prove it and post the screen grab

Same OP. I fuckin love this coin.

I love that I don't even need to buy Cindicator and people just tell me what it says for free.

nuclear bot holder mine says 86% hitting 5k in the next two weeks

ehh gonna need some proof OP, you can't just come to the internet and LIE okay, not cool man

based on what lola


based on

>AI programmed and backtested on previous data, as well as being programmed for predicting market changes
>user data, users who are more often right have more affect on data
>Investor data, professional investors on the team that were recruited to help make predictions
>TA from both AI and team of professional analysts

Can you screenshot op so we know this is legit

Yeah bro just printscreen whatever the fuck signal and edit it in paint or some shit so you can't be outed.

Im literally about to neck myself (no meme) so this might persuade me otherwise.

Where screenshot when moon

Don't know the time horizon, but when BTC goes up, it will go up violently because a lot of money in tether. It will be faster than ever before.

I will suck your dick if your provide proof

we need proof and we need it now

Might not be a lot of money in tether soon ;-)

>ITT: normies who haven’t heard of CND

we know what cnd is you fuckin tard, just post the goddamn proof


Everybody knows what CND is we just dont have the $500,000 USD bot that OP is allegedly getting this info from.


You are playing with a lot of lives here man, give proof so we can sleep tonigh

Looks like he was playing with our hearts boys

checked the feed there's nothing. confirmed bs

I loled

What if its a fake signal? What if BTC is dying, and the devs of CND decided to put out this signal to try to get people to buy more BTC to revive crypto?

>check thread 2 hours later
>still no screenshot
Cmon it's not even that hard

Obv it's bs

Actual expert bot holder here. YOU'RE A BIG FAT PHONY!

Screenshot for confirmation pls

How often do you get signals, anyway

I'm giving the signal if someone send me a Bittrex invite