Bitcoin rise coming

from the guy who predicted this latest dip last night.
I am now predicting a rise for today but a dump coming monday morning

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i trust your memelines the most
what do you think will happen when the hearing on tuesday turns out to be good?

elliotwaves...yeh, no.

it all depends on the monday morning dump.
If it breaks 8k then the crash isnt over. If it doesnt i would expect a reversal

Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit scammer. Everyone remembers your shit lies about ZCL. DIAF.

>a trend channel
wow so difficult to see!!!!

show proof you sold last night at 9.2-9.4 or stfu brainlet

Hi, thought's on the sentiment coming out of the US hearing?

Everyone I know is going flat as a pancake with no positions on Monday.

Are we over 10k EOM?

I told literally everybody to sell at 19k. Tht was the pinnacle of mania, I remember it, the hype was real, everybody talked about it, your doctor, lawyer all jumped in. and got justed.

We are ATH end of week


Huge dump monday but not because of the us hearing

I also predicted the low. It dipped a little lower from 8400 due to FUD, but close enough.

yo stfu, this Anons a legend, I sold last night thx to his signal

i know about the monday dump caused by everyone big going flat.
But what about your thoughts on the sentiment after the hearing please?

im interested in hearing about what another fellow high i.q user has to say about the next coming days.

what's your EOY prediction?

Makes sense. The last pump before the big dump.

8.1k should be the absolute floor for today.

cant say man its almost impossible to factor

not because of hearing.
then because of what?
is it because CHina and South Korea are discussing crypto regulations?

Why is your chart a week in the past?

but will we reach the ATH from end of December/beginning of January again? I'm starting to lose confidence in the market.

lol easily

Honestly, I sold that 32k at 9.5k thanks to your signal last night, you’ve got my trust at this point

What are your thoughts on ZCL now?

i still believe zcl will have huge fomo coming mid to late feb. I am currently riding the waves but still plan on going all in zcl before the 10th.
The fact that it has withstood bitcoin crashing and is staying relatively the same price sat wise, with most people tethered up is a testament to what will happen in the next coming week or so

yeah kinda thinking the same... but if bitcoins around 8k when the fork happens..?

i honestly believe its the perfect opportunity for BTCP.
This will be the first major fork post December bull run. If the other shitforks that occured when bitcoin was at sub 8k went for 300-400 on release.
Then whats stopping ZCL from hitting 450 pre fork. I honestly believe BTCP will be huge but im confident ill be able to outpace it through day trading/ other investments so i dont plan to stay post fork

Exactly. I'm calling this larp

i've hedged against BTC by buying ZCL for a few weeks and it's not been my worst decision as I just grow my stack of ZCL. if BTC is still only around 8k by the end of the month we might have bigger problems.

chart is a week in the past because i constantly come here and give predictions where anons dont listen and regret it a few hours later.
its easier to convince people who realized they made a mistake. Then trying to convince people who think they are smarter then TA.
>pic related another thread where anons should have listened

How high will it rise today and how low will it go monday?

Probably going lower than your momma on the street corner last night while she street walks for your tendies you degenerate.

Just kidding.
Jk, but not really loser.

Lol fag


It's fucking dumb to buy anytime before the Chink New Year is underway

say that to my daily 10% gains. if you're too dumb to make money while btc is crashing then you should just stick to being whale fodder.

>making money while it's crashing
yeah sure

I see absolutely nothing in my charting to predict a rise of more than a couple bucks at most. Not RSI, MACD, MA, SMA, or volume.

thats where expertise and watching bitcoin 20 hours a day comes in handy. watch and learn

Okay, I'll watch and learn. Let's see who reads tea leaves better.

bitcoin is only rising on my end. maybe once you learn to predict tops and bottoms you could make a ridiculous amount of money like me.

That's barring this current attempt at swaying sentimentality succeeding.

I've asked this in the previous thread too. Why did you put the fib. retracement like that. Where is the lower bound?

so uhhhhhh
do i sell my shit now or what?

Fuck you. Gentle reminder that omega is a piece of shit scammer. Shame, because ZCL is a good coin.

it could drop to around 8.1k in worse case scenario but its a good buy right now as it should be near or even above 9k within 12 hours

Dude do you have any Twitter where we can follow your meme lines?

Some people are so bad at trading that they eventually delude themselves into thinking that humans don't follow predictable patterns. Like lmfao, humans are like one of the most predictable animals. How stupid/invalid do you have to be to deny that TA works 90% of the time.

The thing is, it never stops at 3. It will go to 4 and 5.

okay thanks i'll hold on i guess
i should sell before going to sleep tonight for the monday dump i assume?

It'll keep dumping upon further crack down followed by an out right ban

OP, what if, purely hypothetically, you were wrong this time? What if we suddenly (not that it's necessarily going to happen) start going down despite your prediction?

btw, op is one of these fags and he's memeing on you idiots.

>thanks for selling me your bags, retards!
besides saying the ann was just the whitepaper, how did he scam anyone fucko?
did he ask you for money? was he wrong to sugest the price will tank on the news??
did the price not go down on the day??
gtfo with that pajeet tier, depressed failed trader shit

it can only go down to 8.1k i doubt it gets any lower then that. Only way it could go below 8k is if extreme fud news happens.

I came across a bit unreasonable , meant for

>it can only go down to 8.1k

for today i meant.

How low for monday?

I've seen a lot of TAfags saying it's going to 5k-6k or lower.

It's at the bottom of the candlewick from the Jan 17th dip.

Let's see if op is right again

TA fags touted 8k as the bottom (muh 200 day moving average)
I think we will bounce off

OP obviously might be, or might be not right.

the red wall is coming for you
i hope you are ready to panic sell

Double bottom?

have another BO at 7400. after that..... fuck it. will let what I hold at that point drop all year if I need to and get on with something else.
last time I bought BTC it was almost $600 so don't give a fuck atm. it's not done yet. wait and see

last time I bought BTC was august '16. It drops below mid 7k and i'm getting really fucking tempted to get as much as I can. this year is gonna be fucking mental.


this weeks gonna be mental

>solid support around 7500. get in

Omega is a piece of shit scammer

it's still holding the 8.1k, should i buy in?

well it hit 8.1k and boundced rite up

the real test is chink hours tonight


>well it hit 8.1k and boundced rite up
1 minute chart with zero volume
yeah such bounce much recovery


He's not a scammer. He's just a human, like all of us.

a real human bean?

OOH MY FUCK it held 8200. Shit my heart was beating.


DO NOT LISTEN DO NOT HEED, probably kys tho

Support used to be $8.5k, now the books make it look like $7.5k and resistance at $9.5k. If the US stock market slides again tomorrow look out, we could be heading for the $6k range

>a dump coming monday morning

Whooo big whoop. I take a dump every morning.


Pro tip: Every single spike back up has come from large stacked buy orders from people who are probably not watching the charts at the time they hit. The bots see the walls and go insane driving the price back up temporarily, which is followed by a short term normie fomo before shit starts back on course.

You can literally see in the bids where the spikes will happen. Just place your orders there. Like right now I'd place buys on ETH at 810 and 800, then again a real nice fat one at 750. Hit the spike, sell, wait for the next drop.


It hit 8-8.1k, so you're saying it'll surge up now?

tomorrow morning what time genius?
new york?

>8.1k should be the absolute floor for today

Got some bad news for you mate...

It's actually bouncing up. But for how long?

fuck this we are going to 5k


4k soon

Massive volume spike, sellers are trying to smash through buy limit orders, an area of support is trying to be broken through.

A potential buy entry could be watching the 30min time frame, and waiting for this current candle to close.

If you then wait for another 30 mins and see a green candle close near this support point, you could enter in long/buy, with an exit point near the base of that green candle.

It seems OP was actually wrong this time. Sad!

I actually thought it was going to rebounce from 8000 in accordance with OP's prediction, but alas.

Wait for at least the 30min candle to close before you call anything, things can always change.

optimistic desu

this is the beginning of fear, gets real quick from here

Take my opinion with a grain of salt, 'cause I'm new to a lot of this, but pretty sharp...

My take on it is that we're going to continue to slowly fall until the stock market calms down.
However there are a lot of signs pointing to a significant economic downturn the world over that could last for years. I think we'll get a really good pump before this happens, and I'm predicting it between 2020-2022.