How long did you take to get there?
If you had started now instead of several years ago, could you still have made it?
I realize this sounds like a typical DYOR thread but I got in late because I was poor and a wageslave, but now I've been reading Veeky Forums about 2 months and seeing how slow everything is, I'm wondering if everyone who made millions off crypto just got lucky with the timing.
Seems like nothing will moon ever again.
I'm hodling about 1/4 bitcoin and 1/4 ETH and feel like its pointless just hodling if I want to actually have a million by 2019.
Give a guy some hope please.

Maybe you should consider making money some other way. I know for sure that if I started over I'd be at my current net worth faster than last time I started from nothing (1-2years).

Based on what? Just your accumulated experience? That's not really surprising, you could say the same for most professional disciplines.
As I said, I only have 2 months worth of experience, which is virtually nothing compared to some of you.

I'm not talking about crypto friend, there are more useful and universal ways of creating value.

Crypto kids got lucky in their timing and most likely will never be again. Learn to create something useful and valuable.

Oh shit, that's been my worry recently. Just my fucking luck to miss the boat once again.

Get into some new shit. For example, wait for a dip (if it comes) on Jibrel Network Token. Throw your ETH into that. Sell it when it 3X's. Spread that out into 3 low cap new projects. Get another 100%. Sell.


This is far from fucking over, user.

What you have said is repeated time and time again for years, and no, it's not too late.

Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

In fact, you couldn't ask for a more perfect entry, ever, than right now.

Sell some bullshit you don't need, and get the fuck in, pronto.

Thanks user, worth a try.

Just fucking go all in on 2-3 really good projects that have not pumped yet.
when they start to do well, take profit and put profits into otther coins that have not pumped yet
rinse and repeat till lambo
hint: EVE

25MM here
4 years.
Built 5 houses with illegals where I got the property cheap by scamming Boomers and sold them for 20% the market value at foreigners.
Took me one and a halve year of full time work to get the loan by the bank.

>property cheap by scamming Boomers
I love you, user. Keep doing what you're doing. No mercy for boomers.

5 homes for 25 mill or did you already have money? How the fuck did you have so much capital for the down payment?

I'm from a country where the average price for a 200m2 house is around 500.000 € and above. My first gig cost me 120.000€ and sold it for 520.000. Bank asked for a down payment of 25K and my parents, which are loaded signed a guarantee. tbf, what I did should be illegal and I deserve jail, but well, nothing that can't be done against a country of fools

Property/real estate development is actually probably the safest bet rn, especially in decent EU countries where you can get cheap migrant/East European labor to work for you. I'm guessing you did something along these lines.


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>Property/real estate development is actually probably the safest bet rn
Absolutely. Lot of Boomers holding are willing to sell for cheap because no children and want dream of a golden life evening somewhere far away.
>I'm guessing you did something along these lines

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How much is your portfolio? I have 200 ETH and I'm pretty confident I'll be a millionaire this year.

buy hype icos, im 100x since may

Reevaluate your expectations if you're hoping for a million by the end of the year. Your best shot if you NEED TO is a lot of impeccable trading that will expose you to great risk against people who have been trading far longer than you, very good odds you'll make tragic calls. Or you look at really undervalued coins with a low marketcap and hold, but that's not fast and again, there's a lot of risk.

1, 5, even 10mil isnt that impressive. people who wen't late to crypto should all have significantly more than that, unless they bitched out and sold early.

if you had no choice and had to get in late(r), then you should avoid the larger coins unless you have five figures to drop into one of them, which you should wait and do when this downtrend has become more clear.

This is good, but don't sell everything too early. If a project looks promising, sell 25-50% when it moons, enough for you to go into a new moon mission, especially if it's in a bull market.

Look at what TRX did in December. It literally did 100x in the space of a month. Now compare what could happen in the next bull run with promising undervalued projects, perhaps like JNT, LINK, REQ, or whatever else you can get hold of, and add institutional money to that.

I don't think we've seen anything yet.

>implying you wouldnt cash out at 10m

when people say its too late, theyre talking about the days of easy money. trying to get those high multiple returns today is all about knowing the right people to get in presales, or having enough time on your hands to sift through the 200 shitcoins that come out every month.

if i did, all i would have is 10m. why would i do that when crypto went on to do another 10x?

>people who weren't* late to crypto
key part of what you wrote

I got in at the worst possible time
I got no more fiat because I live pay check to pay check, I already put more in then I should have
Can I still make it?
what should I do?

>I don't think we've seen anything yet.
prepare your anus for a 9 instead of a 7

I didn't have a job when ETH and later LISK were being shilled here, so I put in $40 around March 2016. If I could, I would have put a lot more into it.

Fuck please don't tell me that
This shit is depressing enough as it is, APPC will be one of the purged, I just know it will
Ethlend was an airdrop so I don't give a shit about that

thanks, yep

right. currently i'm sitting comfortably because im so far up this dip doesn't affect me at all, even though technically i'm 8 figures down from the top, but for those who wern't as lucky, the only thing you can do is make sure that whatever money you put in, you wont need to take out later.

if youre constantly stressing about what is most likely going to be a multiple months long bear(ish) market, you're going to make a mistake in the long run, by selling early, or selling at a loss. crypto isn't going away any time soon, but people just joining in the past year need to understand that the past 3 years have been a very solid bull market, and that simply can't last forever.

>I just know it will
You went into crypto knowing a total loss is possible. Well I'm sorry there is now a probability that this may result in a near total loss. Just relax, you lost 4 weekends getting wasted

>ouse is around 500.000 € and above. My first gig cost me 120.000€ and sold it for 520.000. Bank asked for a down payment of 25K and my parents, which are loaded signed a guarantee. tbf, what I did sh
You are from Italy

if youre going to gamble with shitcoins, you have to be fast to get in, and fast to get out. you can't hold coins like that expecting to see long term value or growth, because the kind of people already expecting that already bought in, and new investors don't give a shit, theyre too busy playing with the next shitcoin to come out that represents a much better trading opportunity.

no, colder

If you are confident in a coin, it doesn't really matter if you get it presale or when it's like 2-3x higher when it hits exchanges. It's like investing in bitcoin at $900 vs $300. If it takes off, you are going to make serious money regardless. Just don't fall to FUD and stay in.

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