Fuck this

Nothing feels good anymore. How are you guys doing?

Ouch that gotta hurt.

Only show profit from start till today will help a lot, don't look again at that graph

Mistakes were made but I really can’t complain... yet

What was that little spike you had where you almost hit 100000 and then fell back down?

More than likely xvg (I held from 5 sats to 1200) or just ED fucking my folio up

Still feel empty user. When though I made a killing the last week.

From 60k to 19k.


What are you holding, user?

Seriously congrats on recovering. I have never seen a chart like yours.


Cashed out 12k a week or two back. Maxed out the ELA ico and then bought some neo back with it to balance.

Looks like you put more money in after losing everything?

I started with 2k and have taken out 13k. Elastos Basically gave me x4 on 11k.

I sold at 50% loss since my ATH
feels horrible because I could have caught the 25% bounce 2 days ago to make some of it back but cashed out
At this point just hope the depression will pass if I give i some time

I got into JNT ICO. Feels wierd making gains when most are losing

JNT is not even listed on Blockfolio or cmc yet.

Yes it is

yes it is you stupid nigger pajeet kike

Not on blockfolio

I feel sick to my stomach
>only put 20 neo into Elastos ICO
>made $10k
>easily could have made $50k but didn't for no reason
I've never regretted something more

what the fuck are you holding


click SYNC bro

What platform are you guys using to transfer fiat into crypto? Coinbase? Then what platform are you using to convert BTC into altcoins? Binance? Do you have a preferred trading platform?

Is momentum trading (level 2) still viable or have automated traders ruined it already?

Everything is correllated to btc

Nothing matters but btc value

Set blockfolio to btc

look at graph

if the trendline is down you fucked up

February 16th.
>Chinese New Year
>Huge Cryptocurrency Superconference
>Lightning Network
>Almost all TA indicates some major price movements will happen on that day
>Governments effectively out of bad news for crypto

Sometimes im glad im just a little fish.

hoooly shit and I thought I got JUSTed.


Still happy. My total investment to date 5k. I'll wait for the next bull run.

you will have sub 1k soon. how you feel now?

man up, nigger

he literally just added more money lmao

If I wasn't daytrading January would've kicked my ass, not that February is looking any better. If gramps ever finds a floor then I can make some profits in USD instead of sats.

my god what the fuck do you hold

you guys are fucking moronic holy shit
I cant believe people are still keeping up to 5 digits on chucky cheese tokens

Looks nasty but I'm still up huge. Got in trx at 20 sats, that's my risky long term hold, looking forward to main net/burn and staking coming soon for it.

Thinking of getting more COSS, think it'll blow up come FIAT trading. Only coins I'm upside down on at the moment are NXT and QTUM. QTUM is gonna be big in China, NXT I'm gonna dump as soon as it reaches parity.

Mostly REQ. guess I got reqt man. I’m numb

I just don't care anymore. About two weeks ago I came to terms with never seeing my money again. Haven't even opened Blockfolio/Delta since then, I know that by now I'm down on my initial investment. It was worth a shot, I guess.

what app is that?

Also reqt here. I'm going to hold for a bit longer though because I like the dev team and the project.

I did think it was overvalued for what it was right after the Huobi pump but I got greedy and let it run. Lesson learned, but I still think we're going to get back there in by main-net.


>he didn't sell TRX at the top

you absolute idiot, whether it has huge future potential or not doesn't mean shit, it was way way way overbought during the short new year alt bullrun.

are you the dev?

is it any good?

Yeah, I was on vacation and promised the lady I'd not think of trading or use my phone while we were out of country. I'm a little salty with her over it but whatever. Just money right? A happy relationship is more valuable to me. Not totally her fault anyhow as almost the entire time we had no cell service anyways.

I just hope we go back to 1$ within this year man, that’s all

I like it. Blockfolio was too slow and janky, this is the best alternative I came across.