Should I sell this shit? Getting delisted from Bittrex on the 9th

Should I sell this shit? Getting delisted from Bittrex on the 9th..

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Sell for a loss, great idea. What is it about a long term hold you faggots on here don't seem to get?

Sold it when it was at 10 cents

We are so fucked

Sell in the green, buy in the red. Hodl. Sell low buy high. And here's a chart for future reference you fucking dumbass.

I'm still up on it, only made like $40 but if this gets delisted then how the fuck will it recover?

Source on delist?

Veeky Forums

Word on the street is Neo is up next too fml


never change, Veeky Forums sell now and stay poor. they are meeting casino conglomerates and introducing the ideas and tech starting tomorrow for three days. there will certainly be a few things announced in the coming weeks thru the end of march.

It's getting delisted from shittrex, not binance.

what is this, biz meme name charts?

>right by the bar
this is good.

haha yeah noticed that too. basically best spot for a booth in that whole damn hall

Sure, good one, sell at the lowest point years after the news hit. You fucking pancake.

Lol, sure, but once they launch q1 bam listed again , but who cares about shittrex i thot it was a scam exchange, android app doesn't work its trash , the whole market is shit, just hold for a year, how did you not kno this was a long term, how fucking retarded could you be

The question should be, should I buy?
What's the Q1 prediction boys?

anyone who bought this stupid fucking let me gamble with crypto while crypto is already basically gambling clown coin deserves the losses. To that faggot that constantly posts the pics of clown thots I hope you cashed out already

Probably will go up to 0.14 then dump, by Q3 maybe you will see it get to 0.4 - 0.5 as its actually released.

So if i forget to sell ahead, do I just lose it all once the coin gets delisted from the market?

So it would be a good idea to buy now and forget about it for a few months?

Anyone that’s serious about FUN has been using this strategy from the beginning

>get the fuck out while you can.

The whole team is silent on the issue and the only reasons are speculation about regulations and gambling despite this not even coming to effect on exchanges yet.

Theres something really stinking about to be let loose.

Why are you posting this shit again? FUDing? There's only one possile reason to explain your dedication to FUDing this coin at moment and it is so that you can get it cheaper. it's already cheap ass hole. no need to FUD

This coin is one of few that actually has a purpose and a real team behind it. they have a real company with people and they're hiring even more

they have prototypes and when you search their fucking name on google they actually show up unlike 90% of the coins out there where you search their name and you only get

I bought more. FUN ALL THE WAY

Get on their telegram faggot. The team is really active in there.

>The whole team is silent on the issue


Jez said that Bittrex gave no reason as to the delisting and THEY'RE the ones who've stayed silent

try harder, faggot

Because it is a bag of shit and bittrex realised it.

Why hire more? Is it going through development hell perchance? They said they had all they need for their ICE shindig.

Things arnt adding up!

>all the way
>to 0

Don't forget that Jez's background shows that he is the kind of person that would lie to your face just to keep a situation in his favor. I don't want to believe that he hasn't changed, but it's something to consider.

>lie to your face just to keep a situation in his favor

this is true

it's also true that he usually uses his lies to buy time and deliver 4x the initial promise

that is, if we're going by past experience

Sell and put a buy wall up at a cheaper price. This shit is going to go down more because bitcoin has at least one more dip in store.

Do you realize bittrex is just one exchange? who gives a shit about them. there are way more dodgier coins on bittrex than FUN so it's not about that. no one knows exactly what happened between them or why bittrex is removing them but it doesn't mean FUN is a shitcoin

Like PKR. That failed.

ALL of online poker failed, ya dipshit.

Stop trying to make 'thot' a word king niggerfaggot.

pokerstars didnt?

US Regulations. Not allowed to gamble online

And since when is online gambling just poker? There are fucking many online casino's that offer online slots, blackjack and roulette. Its a fucking huge business.


bottom right looks like big glory holes but for buttcheeks to get licked

baseless FUD

Wtf the more I learn about the laws of this country the more I feel like I love in the soviet union.

When bitcoin falls to 5k i'm buying 10k's worth of FUN and i'm going to be so happy to buy this shit up with my new 2btc.